Friday, February 03, 2006

Well, that was scary...


Yesterday (Friday) I posted to my blog, explaining about how all day I tried to get into my blog and kept getting messages that I wasn't allowed to access my own page! There were blogs I could get into and one or two I would get the same message, not allowed. What is going on? Well, tonight (Saturday) I was posting my daily entry, and it said I had to republish my blog. The next thing I know, the Friday "Well That was Scary" entry was gone! This is getting weird! Tonight (Saturday), it is telling me to republish in 10 minutes, which I've tried and tried and as of now, it won't publish my entry for today (Saturday)

I can't remember now what I said in yesterday's post (Friday's) except I do know I was worried about Quincy yesterday. I had discovered he had worms and went to the vet, Sherwood's, which was the closest, for a worming pill -- which cost $14.25! And when I tried to give it to him, he spit it out. I tried later to give it to him and he bit it in two and spit it out. They had said to give it with food, so against my better judgment I did mix it with food and he not only wouldn't eat it, he would try to cover it up! So, I was quite perplexed what to do about getting him medicine and was really hating that I had lost $15 for that one stupid pill! That's insane to charge so much for one lousy pill!

I really don't remember what else I had talked about, so I can't reconstruct that message. I worked on my curtains, and I think I commented on how it was one of those days that you think you're busy all day but when you look at your achievements, apparently you were only busy going in circles all day.

I'm trying to keep a cut and paste of my blog because I had a feeling some day it might disappear and it would be gone forever. Since this is the first time I've ever really kept a dairy, I'd hate to lose it. So, I just have to be disciplined enough to copy it every day.

I'm dating this Friday, Jan 3 because that's the sequence that it should be, but like I said, I'm actually writing this on Jan 4, Saturday. Shoot!!!


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