Sunday, January 29, 2006

I know, it's Sunday...

...but I had to get the job done. So I pushed - and pushed. Finally finished it and emailed it and called the girl I work for to tell her it's in her email and she's not there. I had called her yesterday to tell her the other part was finished, and she wasn't there. Dang it, she said it's a big rush, "Gotta get it out!" Well, I've done my part. Now my in-box is empty again. I think she took a job either Thursday or Friday - since I got my days mixed up, I'm not sure -- Thursday -anyway, I need to get it from her. I can't afford to just sit around so much anymore.

One thing that's been quite an annoyance, irritation, is my Hotmail has been either bouncing or delayed to AOL recipients. I contacted AOL and they said it's Hotmail. So, I wrote Hotmail and this is in short what I got back:

Please check if the bounce message you received from includes the following lines:
Action: failed/delayed Status: 4.4.7

If it contains those lines, it indicates the changes AOL made to their e-mail system to reduce unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) sent to their customers. However, this update had the unintended consequence of keeping certain legitimate e-mail messages from entering their systems.

So, sure enough, it's AOL! Of course, I complained to the Live Help and they wanted me to call somebody and I said, no, I've reported it to you and to Hotmail and back to you. And I shouldn't have to report it anymore. Besides, this is happening to other Hotmail users who can't get their mail to AOL accounts. He said he would make the report for me! Well, thanks! These people are trying to protect us so darn much, we can't even get our own mail! Hotmail has a whole list of file types that they'll block now as attachments, one of which is a url. I had complained about that too because somebody tried to send me a url - you know, "Send link to" and it attaches to an email and you send. Well, Hotmail had deleted the attachment! How dare they!! So, they said to get around that problem, if anybody wants to send one of these file types (there's a whole list of them she sent me), they should zip it first, then send it! Right! Let's complicate our lives even more. I know not open an attachment if I don't know who sent it. This "protection" is getting out of hand!

On a happier note, Doug Gore called me tonight -- bless his heart -- to see how the patio roof held up during the rain we had yesterday! He's the young man who did all my outside work. How nice was that! I told him all seemed to be just fine, that I didn't see any leaks and didn't even hear all the aluminum banging around in the wind. I thought it was very thoughtful of him to follow-up.

Tomorrow, if I don't get my job in, I think I'll try spray painting one of the ratan pieces -- maybe not one I use on my porch in case it doesn't turn out right. I have a chair on the patio that will be a good candidate for a practice run, then go from there if I like it. And, too, since we're right at the end of the month - again, it's time I have to make myself sit down and do that dreaded paperwork tomorrow. It's piled up on me again. What is it about this chore that I hate doing so bad! Then, if my courage holds out, Tuesday I'll buy the materials for my booth. Sutherland's has a 10% senior discount on Tuesdays, so I might as well take advantage of it. Guess that's at least one perk to all this gray hair.


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