Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back to the hunt...

Hunt for a contractor, of course. Not being one to let things whip me down to utter defeat, I pulled up and started looking in their classifieds. I posted one inquiry with a cabinet person and have not yet received any reply. There were a couple other names for general work, like the patio and stuff, who, fortunately put their phone numbers. I called one, Larry in Lumberton, and he said it might be a month. So, I told him to call me when he might be ready, in the meantime I'd keep scouting.

Then I called another number, also Lumberton, name of Mike. He said he will come out Friday and will call me tomorrow. Almost sounded like he didn't realize Friday was tomorrow . Not even being completely in tune at the time myself that Friday is tomorrow, I said that would be fine. Dang, this week has flown by!!! Anyway, he said he wants to see what the insurance allowed for these repairs and will probably charge accordingly, but that if more is needed, then I can file with the insurance and they'll supplement. After I hung up I remembered that this is all considered in the attachment section of my policy and I was maxed out. So, there won't be any more. I did explain that I'm trying to save in other areas so I can get some cabinets for my kitchen, and he does that kind of work, as well! So, oh, boy!!!

Tonight, the first man, Larry, called and we chatted about what I need. It didn't dawn on me until after I hung up that he was the one who had said a month, but I'm making written notes of all these phone calls and so forth so I can keep straight when I call who and what they say. There's still a few I called the other day and had left my number. Anyway, he said he would be here about 8:30 in the morning and look over the situation. So, hope is beginning to spring up again.

With the anticipation of getting Mike to give me a good bid on my kitchen, I made a few minor adjustments to my floorplan and tried to calculate exactly what sizes pre-made cabinets I would need and how many. I had done this before, but it wasn't real exact, more of an estimate. So, this time I tried to be more methodical. I'm just about convinced for this to be within my reach of making it a reality, I'll have to use the unfinished cabinets. But that's okay. They'll be much better than what I have, for sure. So, I have my drawings prepared and am extremely anxious to get a real bid.

I really have a strong desire to try doing some of this job by myself just because I think I would enjoy the challenge. But I'm afraid if I got into trouble, I wouldn't have anybody to call on. That sucks! How do you learn when you're scared to dig in and try it - justified as the fear is.

Last night I had an awful case of insomnia. I had started a movie with Jane Seymour on PLEX channel that came on late and so, I decided to go to bed to finish it. As soon as it was over, the next movie coming on was called "Children of the Bride" with Rue Mc Clanahan. I like her for some reason. It was really late, but I knew sleep was not going to happen for a long time. So, get comfortable and watch it too.

Quincy, my youngest kitty, always tucks me in at night and cuddles till he gets sleepy then moves to the foot of the bed to curl up for the night. It must have been close to 1:00 a.m., and I decided I wanted a snack. So, I got up. And when I did, he sleepily raised his little head, looked at me, gave a little vocal response, as if to say, "What's wrong? Why are you getting up?" So, I told him I wanted some milk, and he yawned, got up for me to carry him on my shoulder to go to the kitchen and then back. Of course, back in bed, he had to do his "tucking in, cuddling" again, and then move back to his spot to go back to sleep. About an hour later - around 2:00 a.m., I needed to get some Tums (my digestive system didn't enjoy my midnight snack I guess! - lol) so I got up again. Again, he work up, questioned me as if to say, "Is everything all right?" and again, arose for me to carry him on my shoulder to go back to the kitchen. He's so dedicated to watch after me! I know I'm not telling the incident to do it justice, but it was just really sweet. He's sure my little buddy!


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