Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Miscellaneous kinda day.

First thing I had to do this morning was go to my mom's as a meeting place to trade out jobs. She lives about halfway between myself and the girl I work for and it makes it easier sometimes. Then Mom and I took the pictures Robert sent of Sarah to Walgreen's to get printed. But before I left, I put them through Photoshop and increased the resolution to 200 pixels per inch to get a better color saturation and did a little red-eye repair on one or two of them, then put them on a CD. When we were dropping them off, we found out that you can email them to their website, but I haven't gone to the site to check that out yet. Evidently you just email them in and I guess designate what store to pick them up at. I'm a little new at this but it's facinating. Anyway, the pictures turned out fabulous! We had 9 pictures, and did one for each of us (18 prints) and two 5 by 7s - and the bill was only $7.64. Probably that would have used up a whole ink cartridge and the colors were perfect!

They had some little fleece throw blankets for $4 a piece, leopard print and black -- whoa, that would look good on my orange bedspread. So, I'm going to cover the pillows I have, two of each - when I get time, that is. Also, as a spur-of-the-moment purchase, they had in the front aisle a huge leather duffle bag, very nice, for $20. I don't have an immediate need for it, but the quality and size and price, I thought it was foolish not to get it. They can always come in handy. It turned out it was on sale for $14.99. Not often I get a bargain.

But to continue my story of "good fortune" on sales, we then went over to the White House and they had these fleece like shirt/jacket, zipper up the front for $14.99 marked down from $36. I love fleece. I just wish it would be colder here! So I got the orange one (my favorite color) and a baby blue one.

We tried to eat at Jason's but it was too busy, long line, so we opted to get something and take it back to her house. I routed down Corley to Avenue A and was stunned at all the damage to homes and roofs that was still not fixed. So many blue roofs that are wearing out, getting ripped and stringy. Homes knocked off their foundations, huge holes in roofs from trees. It's quite sobering! As much as I complain and worry about what I have to get fixed, oh, my goodness, some people have some really serious problems! My heart goes out to them and I ask God bless them all.

Anyway, coming back home I had remembered a custom cabinet shop on 11th Street -- Ray's Cabinets -- so I routed myself that way and stopped, introduced myself, and chatted with Roland, (Ray's son) who is running the place. They had the front door locked with a sign to go to the side, which puts you in their shop. And they had amazing looking cabinets in there. They know what they're doing. Anyway, I sketched out a rough plan of what I wanted and left it with Roland, along with my phone number. He doesn't do any tearing out or any of that, just build and install the cabinets. When he asked about if I wanted paint grade or stain grade, I said let's figure on paint grade. If I'm excited by a really low price, then maybe I'll ease back up into stain grade. So, we shall see.

He said a couple of his employees had all left after Hurricane Rita and were now working as adjusters in Florida making lots of money! He's extremely short-handed, has been running ads for help and nobody is answering his ads. Maybe I should have said I would work there for half pay if he would train me! Then I could make my own! ha - ha! I did tell him I can stain cabinets, but he said because of regulations he has had to stop staining in his shop and can only do it on-site now. Complinace was totally out of his ballpark of reasonable overhead.

So, that's pretty much it. Before I ever left this morning, I called Frank, the guy who said he will level my house, and put a message on his cell that I would be gone a couple hours, that I wasn't trying to rush him, I just didn't want to miss him. Another joke. No calls from anybody today. I guess I won't try to call James back or even Mr. Jones. If they're not interested, then to heck with it. I'm happy to have a depo to do; so I'll work on that tonight and forget about the house for the time-being.

Oh, and by the way, somebody did take those rugs. They were gone when I looked out this morning. I'm glad somebody can get some use out of them. They were pretty nice rugs. I have a feeling it was my next door neighbor, but whoever took them is more than welcome to them. I bet they felt like they had a real find and it gave them a good day! So, that's good.


At 1/12/2006 08:28:00 AM , Blogger Rachel said...

Ah! A Rita Survivor! Glad to find you. You seem to be having the same problems - nobody calls you back and nobody shows up for estimates. They are all so busy working, they don't have time or care to deal with those just needing estimates when they have work to last them many, many months! It's very frustrating. Take care and I plan to check back with you often :)

At 1/12/2006 09:24:00 AM , Blogger Lumoto said...

Hi, Rachel! Ah, "survivor" is an interesting term! Not too sure I've survived yet!
I'm glad you found me, too! :) Were you affected by Rita, as well? The link to your blog doesn't work.


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