Thursday, January 05, 2006

Productive day - at least for me...

Tommy did get here, bright and early, before 9:00. But hadn't sleep well, so I was up and dressed by the time he called saying he was on his way. He looked everything over, and the patio is the biggest problem. He said they just don't make the aluminum sheets like I have and steel is too heavy for my framework. So, we discussed some options. He will get back with me in hopefully a day or two; but he seems to be having problems with his helpers about like I've experienced - getting them coordinated to do his jobs and it seems to have him stressed. I can just imagine! He said maybe they could do some here and there. But it may turn out no sooner than James would be meandering back to piddle on them. We shall see.

I next called a Mrs. Jones whose husband does all sorts of contract work. This is about my kitchen, not Rita-related kitchen remodel, but simply "I hate my kitchen" remodel! That's one reason I'm trying to be frugal with insurance money so I can get a new kitchen. She said she would try to get him by maybe Saturday.

Next phone call was to the girl I work for to see if she was still alive and kicking. She's only taken one short job -- yikes -- but will get it to me tomorrow. Things sure need to pick up, for sure! I hate these famine times, though we've had plenty of them, enough that I usually don't panic because the next thing I know I have no time to look up it gets so busy. I just keep the faith! He always provides!

Then, dreaded book work. But like a good girl, I got after it, got just about the whole month done, and all is now in good order! It would make my life so much easier if I would spend not even 15 minutes a day and not let it accumulate on me like this. I've been working for myself now for 20 years, and you'd think I'd have learned this lesson by now.

The weather was gorgeous, so I decided to take advantage of that and put up the siding that Rita ripped off my house. I had had to buy two pieces, and went to ABC Materials to get them, and they were downright rude and wouldn't let me have them. So, I had had to buy un-matching pieces from Sutherland's - well, one matched pretty good, the other wasn't so good, but the mood I was in, I didn't care.

It turned out to be a pretty big job, especially since I'd never done this before. But I laid out the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle, and marked where I would have to cut the piece for the bottom left corner. I decided to put the "odd" piece there. It's a little more noticeable than I had hoped, but so be it! It's done! As you can see, Tommy, my little buddy, kept me company. He loves it when I'm outside!
I then found places in the back to put the left over gutters and metal framework that I've salvaged to get them out of the side yard where they show from the street. The only thing left on that side of the house now is the horizontal facing that I'm reluctant to get on a ladder to do myself.

There was a couple of pieces of metal framing on the patio that was just hanging loose and I had asked James to take them down. It would have taken him all of five minutes. I studied them for a minute and could see the metal had been pretty severely crimped; so I grabbed it, pulled it into the crimp, and -- wa-la! It snapped off! Easy as pie! Both pieces! Well, it's still not pretty back there, but if they snapped off that easy, a good wind could have done it and done some damage at the same time! Thanks, James, for going to the trouble! lol

Back inside, fix myself some supper, and decided to tackle the Rita Repair Expenses spreadsheet. I had to go back through all my canceled checks and receipts and enter them into the spreadsheet. So, now I can tell room by room how my expenses compare to what the insurance allowed. Again, if I'll keep this up, it will be of great assistance.

Check out my little companions! Talk about relaxed! The basket Tommy is sawing zzz's in is my "in box" and the basket Molly has taken possession of is my box of receipts. Wow, how I wish I could get as comfortable as a cat can! I don't think it's possible!


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