Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bedroom: Finished

That is, short of doing a major polish and scratch removal job on the furniture, but I've needed to do that for years. The bedroom suite had been my grandparents who died in the '70s. I think they bought it in about the '50s, maybe as late as the '60s. So, it does have some sentimental value to it, as far as I'm concerned, and no brand-new set of furniture could ever take its place. The picture on the end table is of them.

I returned the rugs and pillows, got credit for those, even the one for the bedroom since it really didn't look right and seemed out of place. I'd still like something to put over the bed on either side of the oval picture - which also has somewhat of a history. Me and my ex bought it probably about the early '80s, and used it for a few years. Then for some reason I don't remember, I gave it to Mom and Dad, and it hung in their house for a awhile till she took it down and had it stored under her bed for a number or years. I always liked it, but it wouldn't fit in my decor in any room. So, I had it in mind when developing my plans for my room.

The needlepoint over the TV is also a "personal" item that dates back to the '70s or '80s when we were all doing the little picture kits that you stitch. Mom made this one. I have one somewhere that I did. Maybe I should try to find mine. Come to think of it, I wonder where mine is. There's something I've realized about getting old -- I tend to want familiar things around me, things, just stuff that possess my memories of happy times.

I decided on a floral arrangement for the dresser. Floral designer, I'm not, like most things, I dabble with it sometimes, wishing I had the talent some people do for such artsy things. So, after I returned the items, I found a neat little bowl type thing and chose my colors of artificials, brought them home and made my creation. Quincy was a huge help! He swatted at them, chewed on them, laid on them. Quite a helper he is! It will be interesting to see how long they last.

Tommy - the contractor I called yesterday, not my cat - did not come this afternoon. lol -- what else is new! I called his pager at 4:40 and he was prompt to call me back. "Are you waiting on me?"
"I'm in Port Arthur ..." doing whatever he was doing. He said he has to go to Sutherland's in the morning at 7:30 and get his guys loaded up and then will be by about 8:30. Ugh! I hate early morning anything! If I get up and dressed before 8:30 and he still doesn't show, I'll be extremely unhappy! But I still think he'll be more reliable than James has been. He had done some work for me and mom both in the '90s, and I think he went to school with Robert in Lumberton in the '80s. So, if he won't be too high on his prices, I feel like he'll get the job done.

I should have done paperwork today. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and do it tomorrow. If I was rich, the first thing I would have is a bookkeeper. But if I was rich, I wouldn't even care! For tonight, I think I'll find a movie to watch and be completely irresponsible.


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