Thursday, December 22, 2005

Low-key day.

But that's not to say it was uneventful. When I woke this morning I realized there were no scheduled contractors, no pressing phone calls to make. So, how nice is that!

I did need to get Robert and his little family's Christmas in the mail. He lives in Virginia, and they have a baby girl to really make Christmas an extra joy this year!! I haven't been able to see her in person, which is depressing, but that doesn't stop me from being a proud maw-maw of a precious and beautiful little girl. Anyway, I went to the post office this morning, and traffic was horrific. Where are all these people coming from! The "out of town stamped" box was running over the brim. So, I guess I wasn't the only one who probably waited too long.

I came back and determined to finish my job before I did any house things. I did, I finished; but it took all day. Of course, I would stop and putter on the Internet or talk on the phone or pet Molly. But I finished it. The girl I work for was supposed to get some other jobs to me so I would have them when I finished this one, but she's tied up with Christmas stuff, too, and didn't get them to me. So, my in-box is empty for the time being. I guess that's best because when I have a job here to work on, it's very hard to really get into anything else until it's done. So, I won't have that hanging over my head.

John called, and we made our plans for Christmas Day. He will be coming to Beaumont and we'll have dinner at Mom's. Bless Momma's heart for cooking! Neither one of us cook much anymore. My aunt will be coming, too. So, it will be a pretty small gathering, but nice.

While in the course of that conversation, the subject of Family Tree Maker came up; and I told him I had Version 11, but I had bought a newer version that I never did install because they changed the format and I didn't like the new one. But it made me start looking for the new one. I remember seeing it when I was packing for evacuation. I remember it was on top of my microwave. I remember gathering all the loose CDs around and putting them all in a box and packing them and my computers to take with me to evacuate. It's nowhere to be found.

So, that made me think of some Video Professor CDs that I also wanted to locate since I don't remember seeing them, either. Well, they must be with the Family Tree Maker. They're gone!

A while back I took the "free" offer and found out they're rather expensive. So, I called them to return it, and they offered me three lessons for the price of one. Well, okay. I'm too easy sometimes. So, I bought Word and HTML and Front Page. I let Mom have Word to go through since I was more interested in learning HTML. Granted, there has been a lot of procrastination, but I did go through some of it. I never even put Front Page in the computer.

I had them laying on a table in my then computer room, which was my back room that flooded. But I know they were among the CDs that I was throwing into the box. They weren't inside the box they came in. You might know, I still have the HTML box, but nothing in it! Where are the CDs!

Sometimes I really absolutely hate myself! I put things "up where they won't get lost" and hardly ever throw anything away, and still, I lose stuff like crazy. I wrote a note to Video Professor and told them I lost Front Page and HTML during Hurricane Rita and could they please send me replacements -- horse laugh if you will. Well, it don't hurt to ask! Worse thing that happen is they say "No." Maybe they'll feel sorry for me and send them out of the goodness of their heart!

It's been really nice to be back in my office to work. Before I had my office set up in the back room, I had had it in this room I'm in now. It was only last year that I moved it to the back. I had laid the laminiated floors and had it looking really nice back there. But it was a bit expensive to have it set up in that room because there is no central heat/air; and I would run the window unit or a space heater, being pretty wasteful on my utility bills. So, being back in this room is nice, and I'm enjoying my desk. It's more comfortable than what I had even before the storm.

But the problem I'm having now is the blasted floor. It's too unlevel. It drops to the front. My chair is a regular computer chair with rollers, and I feel like I'm having to hold on to keep from rolling back to the wall! Like I need a lanyard to tie off to to work! It's tiring! Then if I lay a pen on the desk the wrong way, it rolls right off! I'll have to adjust the legs to make the top level at least. I bet the front legs will have to be raised 1/2 inch or so higher than the back to get the top level!

I'm also concerned about my plate collection on the wall. The arrangement is low on the wall and once the chair rolled back and almost knocked one off, but I caught it. So, I have to be careful. After the new year, I'll call somebody - dare I try Curtis Wright again! Or Larry Layfield!
(for reference, I paid Larry $750 to level my house. Granted he put some blocks under there, but it's still not level. He had told me he was subbing for Curtis Wright Mobile Homes; so I called them to try to get it level. Come to find out Larry had been a salesman for Curtis and had quit and stolen the customer contacts! It's all told throughout my blog through the whole month of November and I finally gave up Dec 6. It was a most frustrating process.)

Nevertheless, I will try! But first I need to check with James to see if he thinks it would bust up the roof joint and the whole assembly he did to cover the adjoining seam of the room to the house. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to buy some brakes for this bloomin' chair!

Tomorrow I'll try to put my living room back in order where I had my temporary office and call Time Warner to come change my Road Runner location. Also, hopefully, Michael's Crafts will have my Indian print remounted and ready. They had promised it the 23rd. I did call them today in case it was ready early; and they said they'd try to get it done tonight. Whatever. Maybe I can get my wall painted tomorrow and then find something Christmassy to watch on TV.


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