Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Test run for roof -- it passed...

Well, the half of it that has been replaced passed! What a gully-washer we got today! No signs of a leak -- well, except under the door. That still isn't fixed. But the roof did great. Mind you, I only have the back half done and my back room. The water heater vent pipe needs some piece; so at the moment it has duct tape on it. The door on the hot water heater compartment is also duct taped. The remaining shingles yet to be installed got good and wet since they're already carried up on the roof. I hope the rain didn't dilute the glue on them.

James was thoughtful to call and check. So, that was nice of him. I can understand that they can't be put on tomorrow because everything is saturated; but rain will be coming again, so, I'm afraid it will indeed be after Christmas before this is ever finished. Then the excuses of end of year business - et cetera. Somehow I've got to be patient. Hearing people talk, I'm fortunate I'm as far along as I am. And at least what he's done so far has been good -- well, with the exception of the duct tape; but that was an emergency type fix to get through this rain. He better have plans of fixing it right!! Gosh, who would have dreamed when I signed that contract in middle November I would still be waiting on a finished job! Oh, well...

My achievement for today wasn't too much. I did paint the closet. I had scrubbed it down a while back with some commercial type mildrew remover, and it hadn't come back. So, I did wipe it down with clorox just in case first. I had forgotten how much work painting is. You see them on these fix-up a room shows, and it looks so easy and goes so fast -- NOT! It took three coats, and I'm not sure that it might still be blotchy in places; but I think it will be okay. I'll let it dry good tonight and reload the contents I guess tomorrow unless the paint still feels tacky. The dampness of the weather might slow down the drying time. I use this closet as a broom closet, vaccuum cleaner, cleaning supplies cart, that kind of stuff.

I also touched up the ceiling in the bathroom that I had scrubbed the pink mold off of and also touched up some of the woodwork that had little nicks - not all of them, but some. My intention was to repaint the back room ceiling, as well, but I tried washing a few of the water spots, and it might be sufficient to just give it a good washing. I only did a few spots, more seeing what it was going to need. There were still a couple of spaces between the flooring planks that I didn't get last time and they were annoying me. So, I took off a baseboard again and got those shimmed better so hopefully they won't separate again.

I'm just about finished with my office room. Only real thing left undone is the tops of the cabinet I stained and made tops for. I'll have to look for a trim that I can give a square cut since I'm brain dead to try to do a 45 angle.
I know how to use the miter box; but the saw just chews the cut rather than a nice, clean cut. And it's a new miter box and saw. So, I don't know.
Once I get the glass for the desktop then I can move the computers in and get TCI out to move my RoadRunner service to that room. At present I have an extension cord running from the back of the back room, through the door on the opposite side, through my office, across my kitchen, and finally to my writing desk in the living room! Obviously with the rain and tornado warnings and all that, the glass people didn't show up to replace windowpanes. They didn't bother to call either. Guess they figured I could deduce they wouldn't be coming. So, I have no idea if they plan to come tomorrow or when. I'll call them in the morning and see.

I'm trying to decide how to tackle the mildew/mold in my bedroom. It's a few really dark spots on the ceiling, and the insurance had figured for about half the Sheetrock ceiling to be cut out and replaced and refloated.

I don't want to deal with a contractor to do that, not to mention the fact that the ceiling is all one big piece and I'm extremely reluctant to cut into it. So, I'll see what Clorox and a scrub brush will do. Maybe even scrape it off and then paint. But that will have to be done first before I begin my new floor. At least I won't have to worry about the Clorox water getting on the carpet! So, I guess tomorrow will be the day to do something with that, even if it's wrong.


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