Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More of the same

First, before I take off on my daily events, I want to pay tribute to those who died and were injured in Pearl Harbor. I have the movie, "Pearl Harbor," the one with Ben Affleck, which I've seen, but I think I'll watch tonight instead of my usual news shows. So many of our World War II veterans are gone now, but we should always remember!

I finally got an email response from James this morning saying he would come out and replace the tarp, which he did. I didn't say anything else to him except that when he said he would work Friday and Saturday on my roof, I said to please let me know if he can't come. He started to explain why he didn't come yesterday, and I told him I really did not care at all, just let me know what to expect. So, I guess things are okay for now. He was good to come out and be sure the roof is protected from impending rain -- which it was supposed to start this afternoon and still has not rained yet. He'll be okay, and I guess I'll still have him do my other jobs. I have confidence in his abilities. It's just this awful undependable timing that drives me totally nuts!

Right after he left, knowing that we have a freeze coming in a day or two, I decided I better cover my water lines. A mobile home is fed water from one main line, and there is a shutoff valve and also a regular outside faucet. Well, as soon as I just touched the plastic pipes, the main pipe started spraying water -- below the cutoff. There was no stopping it and it was gushing out. I called Parigi's, told her it was an emergency, and she assured me someone would be right out.

45 minutes later, no one was here yet, so I called back. Well, she said, he had a problem -- he had locked his keys in his truck -- oh, boy -- but he was on his way now. Sure enough, he shows up, assesses the situation, and leaves, apparently back to the main shutoff -- for the whole park no less! Sorry, folks! He returns and begins trying to fix the broken pipe.

While he was working, I went to the store and to get my oil changed, which I've been needing to do ever since I got back from evacuation from Hurricane Rita. He was still here when I got back.

Well, this pipe had broken before, and they fixed it. But it came loose. I'm worried now that it will be so flimsy that the least movement will bust it loose again. But this is the park's property - not mine. He said if it does break again, they'll have to replace the whole line. Anyway, he said he would be back out tomorrow to check it and be sure it's holding and then cover it back up.

After he left when I went to the front door to let Tommy in, I heard water coming from somewhere. It wasn't raining. Where? Then I noticed the faucet/water line on the lot of the house that was just moved out was wide open, full force; so I called them back. She said she'd send him back out. I have no idea why that line was involved, and frankly didn't care. I went and laid down and tried to take a nap, watched some of the Breaking News about the poor soul who got shot on the plane in Miami. So tragic!

My windowpanes and glass top should be delivered tomorrow, so I thought I'd try the Clorox solution on the ceiling in my office. I had bought a Clorox BathWand, assembled it, put on rubber gloves, mixed my solution of 20% clorox into a spray bottle, and laid out some plastic over the floor. Well, it's working! The mildew spots are coming off the ceiling. The stippling is staying intact, and I think it's going to be just fine, even without painting it. Even the mildew spots on the barn plank paneling is coming off. So, finally, something going my way. I do think I'll paint the closet after I wash it down. It will look nicer - but not tonight!


At 12/08/2005 10:31:00 AM , Blogger John said...

You need to contract with this guy and start taking discounts every time he doesn't show up or doesn't get the job done. Something.

At 12/08/2005 04:35:00 PM , Blogger Lumoto said...

I have a contract. It states that work will resume Nov 15 and to be completed Nov 18! Breach of Contract!! Do you have a "lawyer" letterhead yet??


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