Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A day of miracles? well, almost...

As I stated in the previous post, my first "miracle" was discovering what had happened to my screwdriver and receiving proper chastisement of my conscious for how I behaved when I discovered it missing.

My second "miracle" was when I called Curtis Sr back since he hadn't called me yet, he said again he would get in touch with Larry and call me back. Lo -- HE DID! And he said he was coming to Beaumont from Vidor and would come by if that was okay! "IS IT OKAY!!" He was quite prompt in getting here, and he did agree my house does not look level, though he didn't go under the house, only from what he could see - and feel, too, because you definitely get the sensation that the room is dipping. So, he said tomorrow he wanted Larry and either himself or his son, Junior , to come back out here and get me fixed and satisfied. He acknowledges that even though technically he is not responsible for what Larry did (evidently he really did misrepresent himself), he wants to make it good because of ethics, etc. So, I now feel one step closer to house level resolution!

I think James already got the strip of flashing over the joint of the room to the house, a step that we would have preferred the leveling first, but all seem to think it won't be enough to cause any kind of problem.

He did not finish the roof today, but worked on preparing the deck for the Weatherlock G and had some end of rafters that needed some shoring up. I have to say he tries very hard to be meticulous with what he does. So, I can deal with slow as long as he does a good job.

Of course, as destiny - fate - karma - luck -- would have it, all was not perfect today. My microwave decided to quit heating! Don't they have a fuse somewhere? The clock works, the fan works, the turntable works, the timer works. It just doesn't send any "waves" out to do any heating or cooking. I tried to take the case off it to see if I saw anything obvious, but it's extremely heavy and the case doesn't just slide off with ease. So, I put it back. I found the date inside the door, 1994. I really hate to lose this microwave because it's huge! I haven't seen any in recent years so large. You could put a whole Butterball Turkey in it and have space left over. Well, I'll worry about that one tomorrow, after the level people leave.

The next project that will be requiring a major decision will be the patio cover. I finally was able to locate where I had gotten the original materials, and called them today and was told to replace what I lost will be over $1,000 only for the sheets! Yikes! What's Plan B! I thought I would go back to the idea of just moving what did survive to over the back door and remove the rest. When I told James, he suggested I can get something else that won't be so exhorbitant, that taking down what was in place would be just wasting labor fees that could be applied to materials. Well, that part is true. At least the decision doesn't have to be made today. I am really glad of that.


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