Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rain as predicted - inside and out

So much for the Blue Roof. It sprung a leak. The people who put it up put vitually fish net on the first time and had to come out and put another layer over it. Well, that only lasted one or two light rains. Today we had a good downfall. But thankfully the leaks weren't like last time where it was coming through all over the room. Two pots caught most of it, and the rest I was able to mop up throught the day.

My roll roofing material was stacked in there. So, I found an old vinyl tablecloth I had saved as a dropcloth for painting or something and put it on the floor and managed to get those 6 rolls on it. I pulled the sides up around the rolls and then covered them with an old shower curtain - also saved for the same purpose. Then I moved the four boxes of expensive underlayment material into my office and my trim strips that I still haven't put on my tables yet. Well, I can't do more than that. If the leaks get worse, then let it leak!

The materials outside seemed safe. Thank goodness James got them on a pallet and covered last night or they would have been ruined.

My back door again had water running into the house under it. So, I had to use a towel till there was too much water, and then managed to get some rubber shoved under the door and I think that will be okay for now. I have got to get that door sweep put on, but I don't know how. lol -- have to try to study the directions if I can clear my cobwebs in my brain. The patio cover will eliminate that problem, but at the speed with which things are progressing, I think the door sweep might be prudent in the meantime.

The forecast is it could rain again tonight and then I think we might be okay for a few days. One report says possible rain Monday, another says no rain after tonight. Well, James says he will be here Tuesday and will start on the room first. Who knows what the decking will look like. I've made a little 25 cent bet with him that it won't need more than one sheet of plywood decking. We'll see. Definitely the soffitt will have to be replaced.

I had about decided I would save the money the insurance allowed for the insulation and ceiling tiles in that room and just paint over the water spots. Since it has been some pretty fair amount of water coming through, I'm wondering if that is still going to be a feasible option. How do you know? If it smells? Thank goodness I'm not smelling mold and mildew anymore anywhere.

Oh, how estatic I will be to get a proper roof over that room!! You can't imagine how many times I've fought leaks, and had to get patches and have it mopped with tar or Cool Seal ever since I've had it. Of course Hurricane Rita tore all that off right down to the decking. That's why I had first seriously considered just tearing the room off. But I think his plan will be a good one -- IF he ever gets started!


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