Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Finally - roofing materials and a plan!

I never dreamed I'd be so excited about roofing materials being delivered. I feel like I have fought very long and hard and finally, they're here! James did come by and unloaded the roll roofing for the back room and a big bucket of tar I guess and some weatherproofing stuff. He had to go back to get the shingles and felt paper for the house because they didn't have enough black, so he brought me the color chart and only a few were available. Apparently the predicted shortages are beginning.

I chose Driftwood, though I considered the one right above it, sort of orangy, which I like, but I'm afraid it would maybe clash with my siding. I scribbled out a note for him at his request stating that was my choice, and he took off. It took a while but he finally made it back with the shingles and got them unloaded. It was well after dark.

He said he still had to get the felt paper, but would get that in the morning. His plan is to be here shortly after lunch and will do the back room first so he won't be in the middle of the main house roofing for Thanksgiving. That sounds like a plan to me!

He explained to me about the Owens Corning Weatherlock G Underlayment product. He said he was trying to stay within the budget he understood I wanted ($500) so only bought one box (1 square) at $40. Since it was so expensive, he would just use it on the edges and not all over. So, I asked him about the durability of it, would it prolong the life of the roof of that room if we did it all over for more than the four or five years as will be expected with the original plan of roll roof and felt paper? "Oh, my yes! It will last a very long time." So, he suggested if I get two more boxes in the morning, he will put them on for me. Spending $80 more now compared to having to go through this in five years again seems like a no-brainer! So, I will go get it in the morning!

I'm very happy about this roof! He will not use any seams on the roll roof and will overlap further than recommended. So, I think he's planned me a good and dependable roof and it's coming in under the allocated $635 by the insurance company.

He will start on the house after Thanksgiving -- I assume Friday, though I didn't quite catch if that is his plan. But I feel so much better. Now, if the leveling will get straight, Thanksgiving will be even that much more meaningful.

For whatever it's worth, when I first moved in this house, we were living in Lumberton. It was Thanksgiving Eve, 1986. I don't remember what that date was, but it was for sure the day before Thanksgiving, and I remember John was sick with the flu or a bad cold or something and a couple of his friends and my parents helped us move. The next day myself and the boys and my parents got our turkey dinners to go from the Picaddilly and ate it in our new house out of styrofoam plates amonst unpacked boxes. If I remember right, I think they forgot to dish up our cranberries and Robert was quite annoyed at that omission, traditionalist that he always was! He was 12 then, and John was 16. Wow, what a lifetime ago.


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