Monday, November 14, 2005

Things go bump in the night

(Sunday morning - 3:00 a.m.)
Something woke me up, some weird noise. At first I thought it was my circulating fan malfunctioning. So I turned it off. But the noise didn't stop. The decible level was louder than the a/c fan - which mine is loud. It sounded so strange. Quincy was nervous about it,too, and had his little ears cocked and was quite intent on finding it. It sounded like it was coming from the floor - is a gas line leaking? I didn't smell anything. Besides, that would be a consistent noise. But it almost had that type of sound, like gas escaping. An animal? Doesn't sound like an animal under the house. It was irradic but strong in rhythm, not like something rubbing against metal or wood or insulation. It was localized in that area in front of my central heat unit in the hall. The night light in the bathroom was my only light and the house seemed real hazy, to the point I almost expected the fire alarm to go off, but I turned the light on, and I guess my eyes adjusted. That part got better, but still hearing that incesent sound! What is it!!! It sounded like it was going to come right up through the floor and devour all of us!! I got on my knees and tried to localize it, then just beat on the floor with the palm of my hand a few times - that kinda hurt. It didn't stop immediately but the irradic rhythm seemed to lessen. Finally it stopped. I decided to lay back down, then it was back, slower, still irradic, a rhythm of something like a swhoosing sound. then heard it again closer to the bathroom. Quincy was definitely also trying to figure it out. Had he been a dog, I'm sure if it was alive the barking would have scared it off. I went in the kitchen and even little Molly was interested, though she wouldn't come down off the table she had been lying on. Still, she was alert to it.
Finally it has stopped. It had to be a possum or something up in the insulation, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it was doing to create that sound. Rubbing up against insulation or metal or wood wouldn't sound like that. Disturbing insulation would be that loud. I sent an email to John so if my house blew up and me in it, or the langoliers came and ate me alive, then that's what happened. Umm, best I remember that show, I think that might be sorta what it sounded like! Yikes! The langoliers are coming - or was that a crunching sound?

Sunday Afternoon:
I survived the night. The sounds lingered, though weakened and eventually stopped. Later I went to get some supplies for my house, like Clorox and gloves and some plywood for my tabletops, and a new screwdriver and bit set. I am just about convinced somebody helped themselves to mine. And going back and reading when I had it last and who was here the next day -- well, I don't want to accuse. If I'm wrong - I'll apologize. Finding all the things I wanted at Lowe's was hard. I don't know the store well enough, and the walking back and forth and up and down just about did me in. Unfortunately, I still had Walmart to do. I sure wish I could get around easier. There was a day shopping all day was nothing, now it just about knocks me out.

After I got home and got the car unloaded, I decided to start on my projects, put the table tops on, had gotten some self-adhesive tiles to put on some 2x2 plywood pieces they had, drilled the holes and put the hardware on the cabinets, put a shelf with two brackets up over the music center. I have a rather large Indian collection of artwork and plates, and dug all that out and got it all hung and placed. Finished up by midnight. If the langoliers come back, don't wake me up!


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