Saturday, November 05, 2005

Preliminary preparations

In anticipation of my space dwindling down probably in the near future, I took a deep breath and started in my bedroom closet and dresser and chest of drawer drawers. Oh, my! Some of that stuff I haven't even looked at in so many years, I felt like maybe I was snooping amongst a stranger's belongings! 99% of the clothes in that room are clothes that I have -- ah-hem -- outgrown - lol. And I dare not throw them away because maybe one day -- well, anyway, I'm keeping them for nostalgic reasons. How's that? At the present, I have four full and heavy bags of the clothes I'll keep. There are three more full and heavy bags of clothes and some other junk that is now put out for the garbage. I mention heavy because I don't seem to be as strong as I used to be and lugging that stuff around is getting hard to do.

At any rate, I found old cameras, instamatic and Poloroid types, that I have no clue if they work and even if they do, I doubt I'd ever buy film. I know I have a good film instamatic, but I haven't used it in eons either. But these must be the ones we used when the kids were little, like 30 years ago! I found an old CB radio that I don't think has the wires or anything to be used again. I found some old heavy-metal rock posters rolled up in the back of the closet that Robert had had proudly displayed on his bedroom walls - uh - 15 years ago I guess. There's even an old guitar that somebody wrote a lot of grafitti on and no strings. What to do with that?

Well, it's only a start. But that cleared out the closet, clothes part, anyway, and several drawers. I've been such a pack rat! But no more! Junk is going out!

Next will be the middle bedroom closet. That closet is full of coats. Coats, coats, and more coats. I love coats. I have every feasible size, but it's never cold enough here to wear a coat. They're pretty out-dated now, and I noticed the last time I even looked in that closet the leather ones were ruining from -- don't know from what - humidity I guess, age. John's old band jacket, the sleeves are just about melting! Sad, too. Same thing happened to a red leather coat. But it's also too small. So - that's that.

Also I have four of those big heavy monitor screens, 17" and one 19" that I need to do something with, along with old printers and scanners. They all work, and I can't see throwing something away if it works!

I also got the second coat of varnish on the cabinets and door. One more coat, and I think I'll stop. Three should be enough. Those slick spots that wouldn't take the stain apparently are flaws that must goes all the way through the wood. It will be okay. It's not like these pieces will be exhibited in Home and Garden or anything. I've decided I'm going to get some thin paneling and put a venier layer on the white tables and stain them to match the top. I don't think it will be too hard to do. I have a skill saw, and can get some trim to face the edges with. I'll look at Sutherland's or Home Depot, maybe Lowe's, and try to get some ideas. Maybe tomorrow.

This morning I sat at the table with my fresh brewed cup of coffee and went through the numbers for the house. That girl really did a good job. I did see a few things that I wanted to bring to her attention, and I don't know about the Sheetrock charges. The numbers seem low to me, but maybe not.

I called a drywall contractor in the Yellow Pages, and as luck would have it, he will be able to come give me a bid Monday. Since the mold people will be here at 10:00, we decided after noon would be best. So, that will be perfect! I just scanned my sheet of notes and emailed them to her to look over. I think it will be a couple of minor adjustments.

Then I called Larry, the guy who leveled the house and had said he would remove the room, and asked him if they still wanted to do it. He said yes, and I asked if he would do it for considerably less than the $1500 he had mentioned as a price. They had said it could be done in one day. So, if that's true, then it seems like $1,500 would a little bit much! He said he would talk to James and see what he thought about it. There was another guy who I had discussed it with, but he was concerned about hauling it all off. And I'm not sure repairing the back of my house from where the room has been attached was in his estimates.

Other than that, I finished up that little job I had and that's pretty much the extent of how I spent my Saturday.


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