Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday morning - early

I absolutely hate time changes. It always takes me several days to get my own system in line with it. I really wish they'd leave time alone! I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and if you know me at all, you know that is unheard of!
I've decided to put the blocks under my house. Knowing that one of the jack stands was so rusted that the head on it busted off, and knowing the other 31 are in just as bad a shape, and the fact that only one caused my figurines to fall helped make up my mind. So, I called Larry and James, the two guys from Vidor who are doing this for me, and Larry said they'd come today. It seems like a really hard job, and I suggested if they liked, they could break it up into sessions, but he said no, they needed to do it all at one time.
I have noticed that my laminated flooring in my front bedroom is separating at the ends of the boards - not the sides where it snaps together, but the ends. So, once all this is said and done, that will mean having to pull the baseboards off and trying to shove them back together. I'm glad I didn't glue them when I laid that flooring down last year.
The rest of the day I spent staining and varnishing. the two cabinets and the door. One of the cabinets has some kind of flaw in the wood that has made spots. They didn't show up in raw wood, but the stain made them pop right out.
I tried sanding them. I tried letting stain dry a little on a Q-Tip and dab it on. Any ideas? I'm waiting to varnish over them in case I can figure out what to do. Naturally they're right on the face of the door. The inside of the door is perfect! My luck.
This afternoon Home Depot will be out to do a roof bid. None too soon, either, because they can look to see if my blue roof is down securely. There is a strong thunderstorm headed here this evening with some winds. We've been so lucky that ever since Rita hit the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! So many people have so many really serious problems with trees and roofs and damage, and to not have to fight the weather has been a real blessing. Of course, we need the rain. The dead trees everywhere are a fire hazard at best and they even emit a certain dust in the air. But I still don't want flooded rooms, especially since I have a literal hole in my roof! I guess today I better move things out from under the target areas and cover some stuff with plastic just in case! (sigh)
PS --- Well, I'll be doggone! After inserting the picture above, I just figured out that you can "MOVE" a picture! Put the mouse on it, click, and wa-la -- there is that blessed little directional cursor! Why didn't it do that before when I tried to move the previous pics I added? You can even resize them, too. Fancy that! Okay, I'll take the blame - dumb me! And I will cling to the excuse, "Grandma is slow, but she's old."


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