Friday, October 28, 2005

Mixed bag of woes and a bright spot

I started the day with dare I say it, a little energy and confidence. List of items for Sutherlands - porch light, 16 feet of treated 1x4 for front horizontal, white nails and yellow nails for top siding piece in back, two toilet thingabobs - the thing that raises and lowers with a chain (I need one and so does my mom). Add to that my next project, to build myself a desk since mine were ruined and they're only about 25 years old. Plan: a 2'6" door put atop two 2-drawer file cabinets. But when I saw kitchen cabinets I thought, why not! So, I got two -- end of story first -- it was the wrong thing to do. But in my ignorance, I checked out, managed to get all my huge stuff in my van, and not sure how to get it unloaded. I saw a neighbor who has helped me (for money) before, Scott, and asked him if he would help me unload for $10. Yes, he would - and did. So, then I ran an errand for mom and had lunch with her, as well as put the thingabob in her toilet tank. While there my heart decided to give me a fit with its PVCs, which it does from time to time.
Eventually I got home and started on the first project - the horizontal board in the front. The boards that were rotten were out, but what was behind them was the original siding, and it was like wet cardboard. I didn't know if I should cover it up or not, and the nails wouldn't stick into it. Panic!
Move on to the porch light -- opened instructions -- gasp - I don't feel like doing this. So, I called my newly met neighbor and he promised he'd be here in an hour. But he was sooner. Said it was okay to put the boards up, and found studs to nail to. Got that fixed. Then he put up the piece of siding missing from the upper back. I had found it under my shed. Then on to the porch light. It was real pain in the neck! Poor guy had to fight it because the siding has a third dimention to it that made the screws too short, so he had to improvise, but finally got it. I'd have never been able to do that! I went to pay him, "Oh, no, ma'am. No, it's okay."
"Oh, no! I must pay you something!"
"No, ma'am. Really. It's okay."
What an angel he is! "Well, okay, but next time I will pay you! You will get extra stars by your name in Heaven's book for this!"
By now it's late, dark, and I have a job I should start on (job, as in paying kind), but I first took a look at my cabinets. I had measured them in the store, and it looked like the height would be about 31 inches, which is about a standard desk height. But no! They are 36 inches! I would have to have a barstool to work! So, I now have two 24-inch cabinets - $160! I guess I can still stain them, and use them as sort of a printer table type thing. But I really wasn't planning on buying that. They're way too heavy and bulky to try to take them back, and I'd be embarrassed to ask Scott to help me load them again! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
If all the above isn't enough for one day, I noticed the door to my room was swinging shut all by itself! Yikes! Sure sign I have lost my level - at least some of it! So, I sure hope I can get that bunch back out here. Something they did under the house didn't hold.
Well, that was my day, besides I did decide to call a Mold Inspection place who will come out and inspect for free - but it will take them three weeks. So, I put my name down on the list.
I seriously doubt I'm going to be able to survive Rita Reconstruction!


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