Tuesday, October 25, 2005

House leveled - Step 1 down, how many to go!

The company I had called a week or so ago to level my house called this morning to say they were subbing out because of so much work and could do my house today! A quick call to the company who was here last night and he said he couldn't do it for what this company had quoted. So, I told them to come on, and they were here by 1:00. Thankfully they were local people - well, from Vidor, but that's local enough. The price was low, comparatively speaking, but it did not include any new jacks, blocks, or pads - probably high considering that, I guess. But at least they did it according to the old ways of doing things.
I was told that jacks are now illegal and they must use concrete blocks, which makes the job very expensive. My jacks are getting rusty, but that's something to worry about five or so years from now. For now, I'm straight again and doors actually stay open when they're supposed to be open.
I explained to these men the jobs I needed done, and they gave me a bid on what I think will be an agreeable price for the tear-down, repair of the vinyl siding, both from the storm and from removal of the room, and installing skirting. These guys are basically what we call "workin' stiffs," not the big-time professionals, but they seem to be experienced in this kind of work. So, maybe this will work.
I called my insurance adjuster to see how things are going, and she was glad to hear from me. She's a very personable lady, and I believe she will do as good as she can for me. I told her so because I believe in giving flowers when they're due. It seemed to make her feel good to hear kind words. We agreed that first to mid next week will be sufficient time to get my quotes from her. I didn't mention the fact I'll need a whole new roof yet, and I didn't discuss the idea or removing the room. I want the insurance to fund for the replacements. Roof estimate will come Friday when Home Depot comes out.

My worry now is a porch light fixture that is open to the elements now. I think tomorrow I will try to fix this myself, at least temporarily. I hope I won't shock myself. So, maybe I'll just pull the main breaker since I have no idea what I'm doing.

One good thing, we have had excellent weather, and forecasts still is not including rain for a few more days.


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