Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday - a good day to start a blog

It seems like everybody has a blog nowadays, and I've had the greatest of intentions to do so, as well. Well -- today was the day. Of couse I still don't know how to add a picture or a link or other blogs, but hopefully I'll learn.
Since I live in a city that hosted Hurricane Rita, I am like most people in this town, having more things to do and think about than before she paid her nasty visit. Perhaps in the days to come I'll go back and archive some of how this historic even affected my life, but starting where I am now, today I scrubbed out the mildew/mold from a closet. If I had the know-how to upload a picture, I would illustrate. Nevertheless, the cleaner nearly knocked me for a loop, but after a few trips outside to breathe again, I think the closet is usable again. I'm wondering about what's behind the walls and wondering if using a sealant around the crevaces would be sufficient rather than a total tear-out, which the insurance adjuster did allow for, though I still don't have any numbers from her. She was here Thursday a week ago to make assessments, and spent four hours taking pictures, writing things down, measuring things. I will say she was very pleasant and apparently thorough and a professional lady.
Another project I started today is to move my filing system for my paperwork to my writing desk since my office is now virtually worthless with no roof. Paperwork is most definitely one of my least favorite things to do; so I really hope I can develop a system that will be easy and troublefree.
I've printed up my invoice from my gasoline card off the Internet so I can submit it to Allstate. The way I understand it, they are in litigation for displaced expenses, and IF they lose, they will pay people $100 for their absence. WOW! A few gasoline tickets will take care of that! No money for refrigerated food lost. No reimbursement for hotel expenses - but I evacuated with my mother and she is getting reimbursed for that on her State Farm Insurance! So, I suppose I really can't complain about that too much. Still, there should be some accommodation more than $100 for this kind of catastrophe! Right?


At 10/22/2005 06:38:00 PM , Blogger Belinda said...

I agree there should be more for all those who suffered the horrific natural disaster, but what can be done really?

At 10/23/2005 11:41:00 AM , Blogger John said...

Good luck with the cleanup and welcome to the blogspace!


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