Sunday, October 23, 2005

FEMA paid an unexpected visit

I suppose they're trying to overcome the nasty reputation they got during Katrina, but they have sure been nice as far as I've been involved with them. While we were in Little Rock we contacted them and registered for the $2,000 that they gave to everybody; and the money was promptly direct deposited into our checking accounts. In that phone call I told their agent I didn't know about how my house was, but it was a mobile home and logic would dictate it might have a little damage. I also told him I had insurance. Well, today, as planned, I had gone to Mom's to await her roof guy and my cell phone rang with a 305 area code. "Hi, this is Steve. I'm from FEMA and I'm in your area and would like to come by and assess your damages." Wow! I didn't even ask for this! So, we finished up at Mom's, called him back and met him at my house. He was very thorough, had his little computer of some kind and recorded everything, even asked if I had lost things like throw rugs! Well, no, nothing like that. only my computer desks. He did comment I had "major damage," saw where the whole house dropped to the front a bit. You can feel it walking through the house. He also recorded the mold/mildew growths and of course siding, awning, skirting damages. Sure enough, he said that because I have insurance, I will be initially turned down. But he said after I get my settlement from my insurance company to fax the settlement back to FEMA and then it will be up to them to decide what additional assistance they will provide. All this is somewhat a comfort, but what is disheartening is I haven't been paying FEMA insurance premiums all these years. I've been paying Allstate. I have yet to hear one kind word about Allstate! If they treat me fair, I will certainly give them due praises. Their adjuster presented herself as nice and professional. I'm holding my breath! The poor FEMA guy was nervous because Hurricane Wilma is closing in on Florida and his home, wife and family are in West Palm Beach and he can't get there. I felt sorry for him. After he left, I went out on the patio and tried to get some of the pieces of stuff up and carried around for the garbage tomorrow. I don't know if it's age or lack of stamina, or clogged arteries, but three or four trips from the back of the house to the front to the trash completely wore me out! And I was taking my time. It's sad! I don't even know what to do with the big stuff, like the metal cabinet that needs to be tossed, and the picnic table and a big wicker chase that's ruined. I'm stacking all the aluminum in a pile.

The remnants of aluminum still hanging needs to be torn down because there is a big piece that keeps banging in the breeze and it gets on my nerves.

No immediate plans for tomorrow other than to continue trying to get things organized. Now is an excellent time to throw out junk that's collected over the years. At least this storm has motivated me to throw away! Problem is, throw it where?


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