Monday, October 24, 2005

Big decision at hand

Should I remove the back room entirely or fix it? The room was added to my mobile home when the boys were still home. Having my office and my bedroom in the same room pretty much had me in one room virtually 24/7; so spreading out a bit was a touch of heaven.

Since then, I've had roof problems over and over through the years, and had to buy two window air-conditioning units over the years and use a space heater in winter. So the room cost me on utility bills, for sure. Now that I don't really need the space anymore, it seems like maybe a good time to just have it detached and hauled off. Quite possibly the repairs bid might be substantially more than a tear-down.
A local company who basically moves houses, levels them, came out and checked my level and looked at the room. I am sloping down about an inch or two to the front, and dipping to the right. I think some tie-downs are collapsed. They'll get a price to me this week I hope. Home Depot is scheduled to come out Friday, which will be for a bid on the roof and the siding. So, I surely have to make a decision on the room this week! Ugh. I hate this. I'm a Libra. Decisions are extremely stressful by nature. But another advantage to getting rid of the room is if I ever wanted to move, not having that room would make my life a whole lot simpler. I have absolutely no plans to move, but you never know what the future holds. So, I suppose the "get rid of it" column seems to outnumber the "keep it" column, though the "keep it" column contains -- I like it!
A neighbor took down the flapping aluminum for me! Of course, for a price, but it was worth it!

The whole cover isn't gone, but the offensive parts are. With an auto paint and body shop directly behind me, all I needed was for a piece to blow off and land on one of their cars -- or, alas, a workman! So, that was money well spent.

This neighbor also does odd jobs, so hopefully he will be someone to call on when I need little things done.

Tomorrow I am going to call the aluminum recycling place. While he was taking down all that metal, the thought occurred to me -- how much do people get for aluminum cans? Can't hurt to ask them if they'll buy this pile of mangled mess from me.


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