Thursday, October 27, 2005

Perseverance pays off

If you willl look to the right of the screen, I have been successful in getting my profile picture up, and I have added a few links! Hooray for me! Before long I'll be doing backflips, too. My skirting on my mobile home was really messed up. The man who leveled my house said he would do the labor of installing new skirting for $170, but I would have to buy the materials. I think the insurance lady is calculating to replace all but about 18 feet which that part was down, but seemed undamaged. To make an all-afternoon story short -- I DID IT! I got out there, figured out what pieces went where, and put my skirting back up!

I couldn't get to the south side where I have all the aluminum stacked, but I finished the front and back, and half the north side. There seems to be enough recovered pieces to finish the job, but curiously, they're too long to finish the north side. Obviously they must go on the south, but it almost seems like there's too many.
Yes, it was hard. Yes, I had to rest a lot. I sure wouldn't have beat any time clocks. But I think I saved a few dollars!
I also got some of the debris cleaned off the patio, though there's lots more to be done. I wish I had a designer or at least someone with some talent to help me come up with a plan on how to redo it so it will look nice.
By the way - follow-up -- yes, the aluminum recycle people do take aluminum patio covers. They pay from 34-40 cents, depending on who - if it's clean, meaning no screws; and they do not come pick it up. When the men were here to level the house, I asked them about how much they thought I might have, and they said possibly $30-40 or so. I don't think it will be worth it to sit there and remove a million screws and then try to load that stuff in my van. Realistically, I'd pay $40 to not have to do all that. So, it was at least a good idea. Now that I know it will generate a little cash, maybe I can get somebody to haul it off and let them have the money.


At 10/28/2005 10:31:00 AM , Blogger Sally said...


It is nice to see your picture. Now I have a face to associate with your name.



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