Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Adding pics to blogs - not that easy!

Okay - I admit, I'm not a computer guru - I'm fast approaching senior citizen status, and I do attempt to limp along with the newest technologies - but sometimes it's not without great effort and grief.
Last night I decided to learn how to to add pictures to my blog entries, and fought them like a wildcat! I couldn't get the tags to work in html mode - probably because I don't know what I'm doing. I tried different syntax - no success there. So, in the compose mode I went to the picture icon and tried to upload from my fotopic site. It didn't work. Tried over and over -- and it just wouldn't take.
So, then I went to the "from my computer" or however it's worded, and navigated to the one I wanted, selected medium size, and the option for center, left, right choice. With my mouse carefully placed where I wanted the picture to go in the text -- it went straight to the top! grrrr. Okay.
I tried to cut and paste the picture in the place I wanted -- nope. Then I decided to cut and paste the text above it! Okay. I can do that. When I went for the 2nd picture that should follow in sequence - no, it went ahead of the first. double grrrr!! You have to put them in reverse order because it will only upload to the top!
Oh, wait, it looks like you can do multi pics at once. I'll try that. Loading them in reverse order, with a plan to cut and paste text in between as desired -- no, it wouldn't upload them. So back to doing them one at a time - in reverse order, of course.
With that done, all pictures in the top, now it's time to place the text around them. This is worse than a jigsaw puzzle! Only when you're deleting spaces and line commands -- oops, there goes the picture. Quick - CNTL-Z to get it back -- nope, that won't work. This has got to be easier than this! Since you can't put the pictures in sequence, only on the top, that means start completely over again! If I didn't have a determined personality, I'd have given up long ago!
Well, though it was a major effort and a great stressor, success. I did it! Now dare I be brave enough to tackle the profile picture? Sure. Confidence is restored.
Instructions say to post the picture in your blog, then copy the properties http site, then paste that site into your profile picture space, then delete the original from the post. I can do that. I did that. Message: the name of the http exceeded the number of characters allowed!! What! "You named it. I didn't!!"
That lesson will have to come another day, along with learning how to put links to the side of other's blogs or sites I want to add to my page.
This is just getting too complicated for an ol' lady!


At 10/27/2005 07:33:00 PM , Blogger John said...

I see you've added pictures to your posts further down so I'm not sure why you're having a problem with pictures!

You're right they always go to the top and you have to move them.

At 10/27/2005 08:57:00 PM , Blogger Lumoto said...

That was how much trouble I went to until I finally achieved success - lol.
I couldn't figure out how to move them. I had to place the text around them.


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