Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday's report and insurance numbers are in!

It seemed like it has been a couple weeks since I called the mold inspection people, and decided it was time to see how they're coming along on their list. What timing! They will be here Monday at 10:00 a.m.! Hooray! Big event. I can really get started once I get that inspection done! I have no idea what to expect! The secretary told me they have instruments that can measure the moisture behind the walls and things like that, test air quality. I'll be very interested to see how this turns out.

A little bugged about seeing the number $0 for my cell phone, I called my salesman back and asked him about the rebate. He had no idea about a rebate, so I sent him the two web pages, one Nokia and one Centennial, both mentioning the possibility of a rebate. He hasn't called back yet, so I guess he's having to investigate it. Hope I can get my 50 buck back!

Other than that, the day was pretty uneventul except for more or less piddling with a small job I have to do over the weekend. I'll get it finished up tomorrow.

I decided to take a look around at our local classified and see what contractors are advertising there. A couple caught my eye, one for removing my room and one for doing the Sheetrock work. I sent a couple messages and the one for the room responded back. So, we'll see what goes with that. When I wrote back, I asked if he was a member of BBB and for references.

Saving the best for last, this afternoon my insurance adjuster called. She's on her way to Port Arthur and passing right by and wanted to bring my numbers!! YES! Come on!! She was in a hurry so, she left it with me to look over. Wow! Eight pages of single spaced itemized, detailed calculations! Bottom line looks good - I think, because I have no idea how much this Sheetrock stuff will cost. Some things maybe I can do myself. The roof funding is short, we knew that. But by removing the back room, that should more than take up that slack. I'm underinsured on the adjacent structures by a few hundred dollars. But that's my policy. So, it's not Allstate's fault. I think it will be sufficient though to do what I want. The only things I see missing so far is that $300 plumber charge for removing, and replacing the hot water heater, and then some kind of labor charge for lifting the two commodes and new seals when the flooring is replaced.
We also noticed one more suspicious spot on the ceiling in the kitchen. So, she'll add that. But we are oh, so, sweetly close!!

I guess maybe this weekend will be a good time to empty out that closet and get myself psyched out to bid farewell to my room. In a way, it will be some kind of relief to be rid of it. I did like it, but it was a lot of trouble over the years, though it served its purpose. Life will be simpler without it - though finding places to put a big closetful of stuff is not going to seem so simple!


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