Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday night - what a day!

I absolutely HATE waiting! I wanted to go to the grocery store this morning, but the guys who are going to level the house said they were coming by, he had left a level under my house, would go do another, and then come back and do mine. I called at 3:00 and he said, "Oh, we'll be there in the morning. It's supposed to rain this afternoon!"
Um, I've been waiting all day!
The girl I work for was going to come by and pick up her job I had done for her. She never came or called.
I called this morning for the folks to come double-check the blue roof. "Yes," he said, we'll call Randy and he'll have somebody out there today." Nope - never showed. This roof is scaring me! I know it's not on right!
Well, NONE of them showed up all morning. 1:00 - 2:00 -- finally 2:30 Home Depot, whose appointment was at 3:00, called, "Can I come early?"
"You betcha!"
All morning, waiting, I should have been making use of the time, but I was just too tired. I think I took two naps in that span and felt like I didn't have the energy to do even that.
Well, the Home Depot guy was very nice, informative, and I like how they do business. I don't want Chuck's Roofing doing my job. I got a bid for both with and without the room. The room will be more expensive he said because the roof slope is less than 2/12, which means it's almost flat!
As soon as he left, I finally went to the grocery store, and stopped at Sutherland's again to get some 240 grit sandpaper so I can put another coat or two of polyurathane on. Robert (my youngest son) told me maybe I could put paint thinner on the spots and remove whatever is on the wood so the stain will take, but that it might create more a mess and maybe I should let it alone. So, I don't know.
Got home, and before I even put the groceries away, I decided I better move things out from under the vulnerable roof areas. I had put my door in the back room to stain it, so I moved it toward the front of the house, and shoved most everything else in the front room where it's in the front half of that room. I had to leave the white tables in the back. Then I started putting groceries away and here comes the rain!
Sure 'nuff! Guess what! As soon as it started raining, it's like Niagra Falls into my back room! I knew it! We're talking serious water on the floor. It was hard to get a picture where the water would show up, but the number of drips from the ceiling will give you a clue. Too bad the drips falling didn't show up. (You might have to look at full view to see it)
Also water was coming in under the back door because there's not a proper threshold. When I had the patio cover, it wasn't an issue! Oops! Somebody forgot to check that! Me I guess.
One time I had bought one of those rubber seals you put on the bottom of a garage door for my mom but she decided she didn't want it. So, I found it and cut a piece and put it down and closed the door on it to try to seal it. It seemed to work. But no such luck in the back room. Not enough pots to catch it all.
I called Randy, the straw boss of the company (Hy-Quality out of Ohio or Indiana or wherever) who came out here and put the thing on.
I told him, "I knew it! I knew that roof wasn't put on right!" I said, "That roof didn't even last through one rain. It was supposed to be there for rain, not beautiful blue skies! Houses in Florida have lasted 3 years with a blue roof and I can't get through the first rain with my $475 blue roof!!!! I said, "I'm still furious about that!!"
He said, "Well, who paid for the roof? "
"I DID! My check! My money!"
"Uh, your insurance isn't paying it?"
"Well, NO! Not that much! People paid $200 for one -- or got it free from FEMA if they were lucky! NOT $475!" I said, "I called my insurance lady while Carlos was here, and she was like, 'Well, we pay for materials, uh, I'll have to ask my supervisor about the upper end on labor.' No, they won't pay that!"
He said, "Well, will it make you feel better if I bring you a check for $275 in the morning?"
"Yes, it will! It will keep me from being mad about that the rest of my entire life! Yes!"
He said he was sorry Carlos "upset" me - or whatever word he used.
I said, "No, he didn't upset me. He was polite and friendly and personable. He's just incompetent! I have been around this trade long enough to reconize if somebody doesn't know what they're doing. I don't know if he's on-the-job training or what, but I knew that roof wasn't right. He didn't know what he was doing. That's why I called for y'all to come check it."
He admitted he got the message this morning and just didn't get out here, that he would be here at 8:00 in the morning, would I call him.
I said, "Can't you just be here without me having to call you?"
"Yes, I'll be there at 8:00 in the morning."
So we'll see!! AND WITH MY CHECK!! I don't know if he's being nice or if he's scared I'll report him to the attorney general.
After the blood pressure getting back to normal I called my insurance lady to talk to her about the roof bid and she's certainly understanding my wanting to use Home Depot with the full warranties, etc, even if they are high on their prices. She was even concerned that they were NOT figuring in the bid the decking that might be bad underneath since he didn't get up there to check it! She said tomorrow she wants to go over with me on the phone every tiny detail to get the full list of repairs.
She is obviously not your run-of-the-mill adjuster. I don't have numbers yet, but so far I am extemely happy I got her. If the numbers aren't good, I doubt it will be for her not trying! I trust her. So, with all the negatives on AllState, I'm hopeful this case will be okay - if I can survive these contractors!
On the agenda tomorrow morning - level guys, blue roof guy and my money, conference with insurance lady. This is hard for somebody whose memory is completely lousy!
Oh, yes -- and call my cell phone people. I changed my plan to a nation plan during evacuation, and they billed me some long distance and took away a lot of my bonus minutes! I've been haggling with them since I got my bill trying to get that worked out. "It has to approved. Call back." I was supposed to call them back again this afternoon and forgot!


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