Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Top, bottom, and more phone calls

Guess I'll have to give Hy-Quality at least a little credit, the young man did show up this morning with a new blue tarp. It looks like he did a good job,, at least from what I can see from the ground. So, the next rain probably this weekend will put it to the test. And I did get that check for $200 in the bank before they stopped payment on it!

Level job is now basically done. Larry and James said they went to three different stores before they found the cinder blocks they needed and then they only got a portion of the number they wanted. Something tells me I should check prices, but I think it's one of those, I-really-don't-want-to-know things. It was undoubtedly hard work. They said the critical places to be properly blocked was under the frame, and the edges didn't matter that much. So, when they said they had about half what they needed and would put them in the front and come back to do the back. I said, no, just put them under the frame and call it a day, if that's safe. They assured me that I would be in good shape that way, and it wasn't necessary to get the outter ones done. So, as far as I'm concerned now, I'm done. What I thought would be a bargain turned out to be almost the going price. The total job cost me about $750 as opposed to quoted prices of $1,000. Wonder why when they tell you $1,000 they don't explain you are buying a lot of stuff. Well, whatever. It's done. Insurance said they would pay $625 for level, but I sent her the receipt. Maybe they'll make an adjustment. Maybe they won't.

My hot water heater is in a sort of closet that's got moldy walls. So, insurance will replace the walls. I pondered to the insurance lady, "Hmm, wonder what a plumber charges to take it out and put it back?"
She said, "Good question! Can you call one tomorrow and get a price for that?"
So I called Connor's Plumbing and they said rough estimate with no problems, probably $300 for two trips. So, now that charge has been submitted, too.

I've tried a few times now to call American Siding (not AAA as I had said earlier -- another of my senior moment goof-ups!) Finally the answering service told me it could be days before I get a call back. She said even the office girl is overwhelmed; so they had to elicit help of an answering service. Gosh, I wonder if Beaumont will ever be the same!

Insurance says Home Depot too high - they want $205 per square for the house part and over $400 on the low-slope room, and then a few other fine print type fees added in. Yeah, that's kinda high all right. But they have a darn good warranty. AllState says they definitely cannot go that high and II need more bids.
So, next on the call list (thank God for phones I guess) was to try to find somebody to give me another roof bid. HA! Joke's on me!

After calling several roofing companies,. one said he is getting $160 but will not even be able to give me a bid for several weeks. Among my efforts were two were answering machines, "We cannot help you. We have too much." Two said, "Leave a message. Be patient. It may be 3 or 4 weeks before we can even return your call." Two were no answer. One said, "You're in Beaumont? No, we only work in Mid-County and we can't do these." These are basically companies out of the phone book that have ads more than a 2-liner. I do want somebody reputable.

My neighbor said their son is bonded for roofing, and could do my house for $165 per square. I think that would be total charge, including flashing etc. They said he would come out this afternoon to take a look (but he never did show up). That's not counting what to do with the low-slope back room. Even if he did show up, what concerns me is there would be NO warranty other than manufacturer's warranty! And whatever he might put on the back will almost definitely be a problem because I have had nothing but trouble with that roof since I had it -- well, except for about a 10 year period when I had a rubber roof. But it lived out its life. I would consider one of those again, but I can't find anybody who will even answer their phone to see who carries them or how much they are now. At the risk of vacilating again, maybe I really should just tear the whole darn room down! I'm not sure it's worth all this trouble and complication in my life!

Hoping for maybe a night of relaxation since it's been a long, crazy day - and again, I woke before 5:00 a.m. -- but nope, I had another little job come in that has to be done tonight. So be it. Gotta pay the bills.


At 11/03/2005 05:58:00 PM , Blogger Bryant Mansfield said...

Hi Sherry:

Well maybe your blog is aptly named after all since you seem to have a few woes these days. I guess these things just take time to work through but I can sure see how it would be frustrating. I have had several bad experiences calling trades people out on jobs. My experience is that they seldom show up as promised. No phone calls. Nothing. How do they make a living? I have no patience with such.

Thanks much for the lead-in to your photos. I have tried to Google Images for Beaumont without much success. Yours are wonderful! I am still looking at them. I discovered digital cameras last year and now, I too have become a camera bug. They are wonderful things. I never was interested in photography before.Send me an email at and I will send you some of my pics.

At 11/04/2005 12:06:00 AM , Blogger Lumoto said...

Done. Email sent! I'll be looking forward to seeing them!

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