Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Small steps forward - I hope

Surprisingly, Randy showed up as promised at 7:45 this morning with a young man other than Carlos. They had already been on the roof when I went outside to greet them. Randy said, "The tarp is put on correctly."
I was livid - and tried to control myself. "No, the tarp was not put on correctly. If it was correct, I wouldn't have had water pouring into my house!" People can be amazing!
So, we walked to front to come in the house and look inside. On the way he handed me a check. "Thanks," I said. Then I looked at it. It was for $200 - not $275. "I thought I was going to get $275."
He said he called his boss Mike - um, another misrepresentative of the relationship! -- and Mike told him $275 was a reasonable fee for what they had done! HA!!! Well, I'm lucky to get the $200 back.
So, we came in and looked at the room. He punched on the ceiling looking for it to disintegrate I guess. So, I brought them back to the computer and showed him the picture I posted last night so they could see where the water was entering the room. They tried to say it was at the eaves - uh, no, it didn't come in at the edges. It was in the middle. What morons! They went back up there again and said there were some "holes" in the plastic and they would have to go get another one. Promised they'd be back before Friday when it's supposed to rain again, said they weren't sure they would be able to find a tarp now! Any bets I'll never see them again! I'll call them all tomorrow!
Before he left I asked him and his companion to look at the threshold under my back door where the rain came in and asked them what kind of threshold I would need. The companion guy said, "The step is too high." duh -- well, yes, but it's quite a bit easier to get a proper threshold than to try to get the steps lower! And these people are going to work on people's houses!!! HY-QUALITY - if you're local and they come near you -- run them off in a heartbeat!! I really wonder if I should turn them all in!
Well, that aggravation ended, I proceeded to make an itemized list of repairs for my insurance lady. She had said we would go over them on the phone one by one, but I thought it would be easier if I made a list and she could compare it to hers. She was happy I did so, and I emailed it to her, along with the bid from Home Depot. She stated she had corroborated the fact that a low-rise roof was an extra cost situation. She had also told me the pictures I had given her were very helpful.
Still no Larry and James to do the level job. So, a call to them -- voice mail on both cell phones! GEEZ!
Well, call Centennial while waiting -- yes, they gave me the credit for the long distance; so I finally got that bill paid. Still a question if I'll get all my minutes back that I had. Probably not unless I go off the Nation plan and back to the one I had. Fine way to treat somebody who's been a customer since bag phones!
Next to call, Texas Work Force. They had told me during evacuation that even though I'm self-employed, because of the disaster, I did qualify. But I haven't gotten anything yet. So, more red tape and more wait, and "call back in X number days."
I had also been told I could get food stamps. Wow! Well, why not! So, I had applied and was told I would need to do phone interview. Too much time has gone by, so I was looking up the number to do a follow-up with them, and lo, the phone rang and it was Human Services! ESP at work! After the interview I do not qualify! I didn't think I would, but others with more resources than I have were getting them. I asked her how did they get them. She said, "fraud." Whoa! Then she said it seems Texas was quite generous in the beginning and handing them out to any and everybody! I hope those people don't have to pay that money back. She indicated that might be a possibility.
Next phone call (I could be somebody's secretary!!) was to American Siding who originally did my siding and patio and gave the lady my name and number to have Bob come out and give me a bid to put my patio cover back together and match my siding for that piece that blew off. I thought he would call today, but he didn't.
Finally Larry called, said he was caught in Lake Charles, and would be here tomorrow for sure, but would not promise in the morning. I said, "I really hate waiting, so please call me in the morning when you have an idea of how your schedule will be."
I feel myself beginning to vacilate about keeping the room or tearing it down. After my near definite to get rid of it, all this talk about fixing the roof like it should be fixed and getting all the damages fixed, I'm feeling hopeful the settlement will be enough that maybe I will keep it after all. I do like the room. I enjoyed the room. If the numbers will be okay and I won't have to pay a lot of money of my own to keep it, I just might. It looks like I'll be able to have the facts in front of me this week, then it should be easier to know what to do.
No varnish on the cabinets tonight. I'm done for the day. Pizza Hut just delivered my supper, and I'm going to watch with full attention the whole Keith Olbermann program tonight!

Well - I had all the above typed and ready to click on "Publish Post" when the phone rang at 6:57. It was my insurance lady, and she wanted to go through the whole list, item by item, room by room, and I even was holding the phone and getting the tape measure and going and checking this measurement and that damage spot. So far we're good on numbers except the roof is the biggest difference. I will get another bid. She has some tweaking to do, but we're getting close. Looks like I'll have microwaved pizza and rerun of Olbermann at 11:00. Oh, well....


At 11/02/2005 06:31:00 AM , Blogger Sally said...

You are not the only one with a faulty tarp. It was very windy yesterday. When I went outside, I heard noise and soon realized a number of tarps on nearby houses were flapping in the wind. I looked around and saw several of them waving like flags. It is pathetic.


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