Friday, November 11, 2005

Sheetrock Busters

My insurance lady called today to go over the final polishing of our numbers and items. She said, "Did you notice that Sheetrock bid didn't have any replacement costs in their bid?"
"No. I didn't." When I got home and found the bid in my door, I immediately scanned it and emailed it to her, looked at the bottom line, in the $7,000 neighborhood, saw where they would furnish a Dumpster and would also clean out my air ducts. Well, that's good, items I hadn't thought about. But I continued with my furniture moving and didn't look at it again. So, to her query, I got it out. There is a column, Tear out, and a column Replace - well, the Replace column contained a whole lot of zeros! Well, how 'bout that!

They think they can come in my home, bust out Sheetrock, charge me over $7,000 and not put anything back? Not in their wildest dreams! I told her to tear it up! I can do some serious Sheetrock tear-out for $7,000 myself! Am I ever in the wrong business!

My whole repair process just got a whole lot easier. I'm so sick of these alarmists who prey on your fears to completely rip you off. I have water damage and that's it. If there's black stuff, it's from the water damage and you wash it off. If it's too soft and isn't any good anymore, then you replace it. And I'm not scared of the bird flu either! What a ripoff this whole mold remediation business is! And to top it all off, as I said before, they didn't have one piece of testing equipment! How do they justify ripping my home apart and charging me that kind of money! For the record, because this makes me so mad, their name is Eagle Restoration. So I hope if somebody Googles for them, they'll see this. Now, they might be real legitimate business people in their field, but as I see it, the whole field is one big scam. They're not pulling any wool over this ol' gal's eyes!

To add to my woes -- ah, yes, but not a new one, a recurring one -- my house has lost its level again!! WHY? What are they not doing that it's not holding! I called Larry - left a voice mail, waited all day, no return call. So, I called his sidekick James, and James seemed to question my ability to know it's not level again. I know how to read a level, thank you very much! Yes, the door is swinging closed again. My roof contractor is ready to put on my roof but I have to be level first. So, he said he'd have to get ahold of Larry and they'd be back out. It seems we're about out of good weather, rain predicted tomorrow night and then a nice strong cold front by Tuesday. Geez! Hurry up, get this thing level where it will stay level!! What's the matter with you guys!

Other than these headaches, I have one more - I have a battery operated electric screwdriver and a whole set of the little bits or whatever you call them for all kinds of different screw heads. It has flat disappeared! I have looked every feasible place and it's not anywhere. The last I used it I think was to try to fix that back door latch. I swear, I think somebody stole it!

The good news is my settlement amount came up a bit after a few revisions and she is ready to turn that sucker in. We tried to think if there was anything we missed and agreed we had pretty well cooked that egg! Of course if something else turns up, I can file for supplements, but I think we're good to go! She said she'll be going back home next week. So, I'm extremely happy we were able to finish and not have to break in somebody new. She has been a dream to work with. I can't complain one iota as far as my agent is concerned. Bouquets to her!


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