Friday, November 11, 2005

Making an office

As I promised myself, I started putting back together my office in my front room. I basically put the room back like I had had it before I moved into the back room, but of course, I now have my new desk and cabinets. I'll post a picture soon. I still have to set up my computers and I'm trying to decide what to do over my "entertainment" table.

Last year during one of my "redo stuff. I'm sick of this" moods, I had taken a credenza and made a sort of hutch over it with shelving and added a mirror and boudoir lamps and it served as a dressing table. I enjoyed having it, but the lighting never was really great. I almost put the credenza in the back room to make a place for the white iron table/hutch, whatever it is, that pretty well matches my white iron day bed. My mother was helping me move and she suggested using the credenza for holding the TV and my LP record player. Um -- okay. So we took down the hutch. Mind you, I have a good four linear feet of LPs. I didn't want to use the stand they were on anymore, so we moved them to the middle bedroom to a different stand.

We worked pretty hard moving things out of one room and moving other things into the room. After I took her home, I started trying to put things away. It is now after 1:00 a.m., and I just now quitting. I didn't like the looks of the knee hole in the credenza if it was going to be sort of an entertainment center, so I had an idea. After measuring, the shelves the LPs were now on in the middle bedroom were exactly the right width to fill the knee hole, too tall of course, but a saw would remedy that! So, I took them all down again, carried them back to the original room we had taken them out of, and took the shelfing unit to my "new" hobby room, got out a ruler and a saber saw and made the cuts! Perfect! Braced it up to hold the weight, and slide my new unit right in place and loaded up the LPs!

I also have a Sega Genesis that periodically I or my kids might play around with. So, since the tabletop was getting a bit full, I had the top half of the shelving unit I just took off for the albums, shortened it a bit more, and set it on top of the credenza, serving as a shelf for the record player and a place to put the Sega underneath.
I'll edit this tomorrow and put a picture, but I think I want an overhead shelf to put an Indians on. So, the wall isn't totally finished.
(edited to add pic)

The desk turned out quite nice I think. I'll have to anchor the top to the tables below, which I got some L brackets to do that with. Then I'll have to get tops for the cabinets. Putting them together as a unit didn't work space-wise, so I'll be making a separate top for them, but will make them the same. (edited to add pics)

The mold remediation people did bring their bid by and it's seven pages - and a lot of money! I emailed the bid to my insurance lady and all she's waiting on now is this last roof bid and I think we're very close to a settlement, depending how she adjusts for these new figures. I really didn't study it out since moving furniture and all pretty well had me occupied. They evidently use a similar software are the insurance company uses.

But for now, it's way past my bedtime.


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