Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So far two bye-bye's today...

(11:50 a.m.)
And it's not even noon yet. I got a call late yesterday evening from Eagle Restoration wanting to know when they could get started on my house. So, I called him and told him I wanted a job with them! Tearing out Sheetrock, not putting anything back, for $7000 -- he had to admit, that was outrageous. He hummed and hawed, and Well, we have people who put things back."
"Yeah, well, for $7,000 and you didn't even tell me this? Well, thanks for working up the bid so promptly and coming out, but I won't be needing your company's services. Bye-bye. "

Larry came out to level. We agreed this morning on the phone since the problem is the front south corner, we would just reblock that corner. The rest of the house is fine. So, he showed up and worked and still no better than I was when I first started. He kept coming out to check the doors (they swing on their own if the house isn't level), then going back under the house and adjusting. He finally said, "The frame is showing level. I can't figure it out. If I jack it up any more, I'll destroy the trailer. I don't know what else to do. I won't charge you for the blocks today. I just can't do it."

I felt bad, both because the house still isn't level, and because I believe he really tried. But still, I have given him a total of $750 and I'm not level. Insurance is only giving me $625. I would be furious except I do have all but I think 9 jackstands out of 32 now replaced with concrete blocks, so the money at least bought something. He said this was a first for him and the only thing I could do - and he would not if it was his - would be to have someone (someone else, no doubt) come out and take out and redo everything under there. No way! I will not do that. I will buy doorstops!! He departed with, "I'll be seeing 'ya." So, bye-bye.

Now I am waiting on the roof guy. He wanted me to buy a 20x30 tarp so he can remove the one that's up there now, inspect the roof for lumber needed, and have a new one to put back. So, I went to Sutherlands, and they didn't have that size. While I was there, I got some more trim for my tables -- not going to let those 45s lick me. I saw an old neighbor in there and asked him how to use a miter box and he explained. I'm going to try that. Anyway, back to the roof, the weather will be turning nasty this afternoon, so James and I agreed today won't be a good day to do it anyway. He will have the contract for my house roof only I guess and then we'll discuss the other jobs for him to do. Hope three isn't a charm.
(will edit this later for the conclusion of the day's events. Hope the afternoon is more successful than the morning!!)

6:10 p.m. -- what was supposed to be "after 1:00" appointment on the roof just ended. I had finally called him about 3:40 and he said he would be out shortly after 4:00, but if I needed to go somewhere --- NO, only wanted to get off of alert status - lol. So he did show up, and we discussed the level problem. He thinks maybe he can tell what's going on and agreed to look when time and weather permits. The promised thunderstorm came, and I heard lights were out on the street coming to my house. Thank God my lights didn't go out! Anyway, the house roof contract is now signed! HOORAY! Will be about 3 days to start, but will have to pick out color for the shingles. Now I have black, but if there is a good brown that will go with my siding color, I might lighten up a bit.

He has given me a price for removing the existing patio cover and moving those materials to over the back door. I told him I want to compare what it would be to just use the "tearing off" funds to apply to replacing what blew off or down. So, a couple of decisions yet, but we're on the way at least with the house! He is also thinking of redoing the design on my porch railing, which I'll bet he comes up with something nice.

I had a depo come in. Sounds like it will be taxing on the nerves to get done -- hard and unintelligible foreign doctor - and long. Well, guess I'll have to take 2 aspirin before starting. But it won't be tonight. Tomorrow will be devoted to work -- and probably the next couple days or so from the sound of it. Tonight -- I'll relax and watch a little TV.


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