Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday - a day off? - no...

Needless to say the roof guy never came out yesterday. I did get an email saying it would probably be today, Fridays were awful. That's fine.
Allstate called, the lady I had talked to at the 800 number when my check was messed up, and wanted to be sure everything was straightened out. That was nice. Then right after that a man from Allstate called about my expenses while away. It seems since I have a mobile home policy, all I'm entitled to is $100 a month!! WOW! And then only if my dwelling is uninhabitable - not because of forced evacuation or because the power it out, but because it was turned into toothpicks or something. Well, no, I didn't qualify for the $100. Gosh!

The only thing left to deal with on insurance now is contents, and I doubt I'll get anything for that either. The only things that were ruined from Hurricane Rita were my computer desks that were cheap to begin with and 20 years old (I even painted a couple of them) and a few books. Scientific Dictionary, Chemical Dictionary, Dorland's Medical, and a big Reader's Digest Atlas, were worth a few bucks, maybe $350 for those. But I bet they won't give me anything for them.

Today has been mostly spent working on this job that is about to eat my lunch. Also, I took a break and installed the software that I had ordered to be able to download my cell phone pictures to my computer. The software is cheesy, at best. Unless I missed something, there's no place to direct the downloads to go to the folder of your choice. But whatever. I can move them. I didn't have anything to practice on, so I played voyeurist and took a few pictures of the people taking off the porch of the house next door.

I'd say it definitely looks like they're getting it ready to move the house!

Anyway, now when something actually worthwhile turns up to take a picture of with my little cell phone camera, I'll at least be able to get the pics on my 'puter without having to email them to myself.

The roofing man finally got here about 4:00. We did a good going over of all the outside jobs I want him to do, less the porch. He wants to wait on the porch, get the roofs out of the way and the siding. We're going to calculate the cost to put my whole patio back for comparision's sake to tearing it down and putting back a smaller cover. If it's not much monitarily, I'll just restore it how it was. He got up on the roof and said it looked like there wouldn't be too much lumber for the room, other than the soffitt, of course, but thought the decking was probably okay, though he didn't take off the tarp - just crawled around on the roof hitting it with a hammer. Thank God he didn't fall through!

Um, wonder if he'll try to get started before Thanksgiving! Better hurry! At least we decided not to wait for proper leveling first. It probably won't make any difference. But I will most definitely be making some calls Monday to try to make somebody fix it, and fix it right.


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