Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sheetrock busters offer a discount...

Having received a message last night from the folks who wanted to charge me $7,000 to bust out my Sheetrock, I returned the call this morning.
He said, "I have some good news for you."
"Oh? What is it?"
"I talked to my boss, and we can do your work for $3,000."
"Oh? Did you tell him I wanted a job!! Will you replace things?"
"No, but we can get contractors to do the replacements for you."
You know, if they first bid $7,000 and then I turn it down, and they counteroffer with $3,000 - what does that tell you! Amazing, isn't it? I guess this is how the game is played "out there" but I sure don't like it. I didn't get angry, though - actually I was a bit amuzed. I even considered letting them rebid a couple of little things (I said "If you can charge normal prices,"), but then I asked, "You would come in with the masks and the white suits and all that?"
"Oh, yes. We have to do that."
"No, no, no. Thanks but no thanks. I really think this is a -- pardon the pun -- huge overkill. I"ll get this done another way." They never even ID'd what I have. Well, end of that story.

The roof that's on my house isn't too old, so I dug out some old Quicken files to try to find out when I got it. I restored backed up files from back to 1990, and found it in 1999. 9/9/99 -- how about that! So, it's only six years old. I then did a little detective work to find who installed it and called him. How I wish I kept better records so that wouldn't have been such a chore! Anyway, he's still in business and remembered me. My thinking was that maybe since the roof isn't very old, and it's at least a 20-year roof, maybe I could recoup something from the manufacturer warranty, and what kind of roof was it. He said probably a Tamko, and no way, not with a natural disaster. But deciding maybe it wouldn't hurt to ask, I found their website and sent them a little email asking. Bet they'll get a big horse laugh out of my question! But hey, what if they say yes!

That's about it on the house today. The rest of the time I worked on my depo, and it is about as difficult as was promised. So, I had to focus on that and give the house a rest for a bit.

I did notice some people I have never seen before cleaning up around the house next door, cutting out bushes and taking down skirting. I know the house is vacant and has been up for sale. Looks like maybe they are preparing it to move it out. So, now I'll have to be alert to who might be moving in next door.


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