Friday, November 18, 2005

Square 1 Revisited

Square - level -- it's all the same; right?
I've not been able to get this unlevel situation off my mind, and worried about proceeding forward with any of my repairs without my foundation in proper form, but at the same time not knowing what to do about it. I decided to call another level company for a consultation.
So, I called Larry Gray, another similar company; and was able to talk to him. He was very nice and I even offered to pay him for his time discussing another person's workmanship with me. He wouldn't accept that. On the side, he said he has over 3,000 houses that need leveling after Hurricane Rita! Wow! Anyway, I asked him if he knew Larry Layfield, who did mine. And he did not. I explained I originally called Curtis Wright, who was also extremely busy and had sent Layfield to come out. Gray said he knew Wright quite well. He asked if Layfield used a clear water hose, and no, he did not, he used a long level, like a carpenter's level. Gray explained that is not how leveling is done, with a stick. He felt that even with the blocks that Layfield placed, seeing as I was still not level, that I should contact Wright and tell him what has happened with the person he had recommended, and that obviously Layfield did not know how to do this. He said he would come out himself when he had a chance, but had no idea when that would be. I asked if he thought I should go forward with the roof, and he thinks I should be level first. He also thought I had paid more than I should have for what was done, but he didn't get specific on the dollars.
I did as he suggested and called Curtis Wright and asked for him specifically and was told he would not be available till Monday and to call back then.
I was really hoping to get my roof this weekend. But I sent this info to the man I contracted the roof with, and he concurs that I should get this level problem resolved first, and that he will not rush me at all. In fact, he said he will try to get here late this afternoon, before sundown, to take a look and see if there's something obvious.
This whole repair situation is definitely getting to me. I had a dream last night that I looked out my window at the neighbor's house, the one that it looked like they were preparing to move. There were law officials all around, and they were tearing out walls, etc, to the house, apparently looking for some kind of contraband. Then they came to my house, continuing their search, and began tearing out my walls - creating quite a mess of busted Sheetrock, broken paneling, and insulation all over. There were large spots of mildew on the back sides of the walls where they had been removed, and I was happy about the whole situation because here the law was taking down the offensive walls searching for something I certainly had absolutely no fear they would find - and I wasn't having to pay anything for it! Yup, I'd say that's confirmation -- this is getting to be unacceptably obsessive!


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