Monday, November 21, 2005

So, what in the world will be next!

Is it a lie? Is it a fraud? Is it a misunderstanding? Is it a feud?

First thing this morning I got on the phone and called Wright's Mobile Homes. They are the people who I called originally to level my house and was told there was a huge backlog and they would get in touch with me. About a week or two later I got a call from Larry Layfield saying that Wright's had so much to do, they were subcontracting out and could he come by to do my house. That was Oct. 25th. I've been documenting all the troubles with this in my blog, but bottom line is Larry Layfield has been out four times, replaced most of the jackstands with concrete (cinder) blocks. I've put out $750 so far, and I'm still not level. The last visit was total frustration on his part, "I don't understand. I won't charge you for these last four stands I replaced."

Since Wright's was who recommended him, I called them this morning, asked for the owner, and he's out till Monday. His daughter answered the phone and I told her why I was calling. She said straight out that Larry L used to work there as a salesman and that their work list had been stolen and they could not be reponsible for anything that he had done.

So, I said, well, who can I talk to about where I am now with the leveling part of this? Her brother, Junior.

Junior also told me the same story about the list being stolen and didn't want Larry L going around using their name because he didn't know anything about leveling. Well, if what he says is true, I sure don't blame him for that. But he did try. I mean, he was here four times trying to make it good.

I asked how much it would have cost me if they had done this. And he said $350 for what I've had done so far. I had paid too much. I had to balk at that because when I called for a price, I was told $400. Later he said they level for $400 plus materials. Umm. Well, which is it? Nobody says under $400 to level! Some said $1,000.

But considering my situation, he would have a crew come out and get me level for only his cost to pay their wages, so $150 plus his cost for any additional materials. In the meantime, I did give Junior Larry's phone numbers and a copy of the receipts he gave me -- though they did not have the Wright business name on them. So, it's going to be one word against the other. They can fight this out between themselves.

I decided Larry should be the one to get me level - or get somebody out here who can. So, I called him and not telling him of my newly acquired information, asked if he had discussed my problem with his cohorts and he said yes, that the frame is level. It has to be the walls or something. Well, that's nuts. He had it level -- even twice -- and the walls didn't just all of a sudden warp. So, could he send somebody else out on his nickle and take a look. Yes, he said. He sure would do that. He would call me whenever that person would be coming. I'll hold my breath!!

Now, this stealing a list and all that -- I don't know why I'm becoming quite leery of anything any of these people tell me. I'd be willing to bet that Larry has a side to this story, as well. Granted, he didn't do this conventionally, I'm sure of that. But I don't think he's as green at it as they say. The other company I had called Saturday, a different Larry - Larry's Mobile Homes, competitor to Wright's, had said how he should have used a water hose instead of a stick, etc. Nevertheless, Larry L did get it level twice; but it lost the level for some reason, and he did try within his obviously limited ability. If I pay Wright's the extra $150 and they get it level again, who's to say I won't lose it again in a matter of days just like before?

I guess I will just have to let it be as it is. I'll be willing to bet that even if I get it perfect and it holds for over a month or two, by six months, in this soil, I'll be out of level again. So, what do you do! I'm no more level than I was to begin with. I have some cinder blocks under my house now I didn't have. To top it off, I was told that it should be solid concrete blocks, not cinder blocks.

I think I'll take my insurance money and run away to Aruba and maybe I'll disappear off the face of the earth. I'll bet the news channels won't spend months looking for ME!


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