Saturday, November 26, 2005

Black Friday - Black eye for Beaumont

I have never been quite brave enough to tackle shopping on Black Friday and quite frankly, never saw the appeal to it. But be that as it may, obviously millions of people find enjoyment to do it. It's too bad that a time that is supposed to be a joyous holiday event can be turned into a shameful display of "power" by a policeman who obviously got over zealous in his crowd control authority. Now, I do not know Officer Ownby; but the article says he is a 20-year veteran. You would think 20 years might would have tempered a bit of that gusto. Well, Beaumont got national recognition on the Drudge Report over it. I even saw a news clip about it on MSNBC! Poor people, with their babies and young kids, out trying to enjoy the beginning of Christmas Season, had to endure pepper spray at Wal-Mart for heaven's sake! I do hope the Beaumont Police Department will do a little bit more than shake a finger at such an overreaction that caused people such pain and discomfort and even made some of them have to spend money for emergency room visits, traumatize kids - it's just plain shameful, and even embarrassing! Here's the link to our local TV news report about it.


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