Friday, November 25, 2005

Back to my new norm...

... which seems to be mostly waiting. The weather is turning cloudy, good chances of rain tonight and better chances tomorrow. The shingles were laid out on the patio and I didn't know if their getting wet would be a problem. So, I had asked James and he said, yes, if they have to stand in water. Well, my patio can flood very easily, so. So, again, he says he will come out "in a couple of hours" at 11:30. Well, it was more like 6:30 or so before he got here. But he did bring a pallet and restacked the whole 15 squares and rolls felt paper on the pallet and covered them up with blue tarps. The weather predicts strong thunder showers tomorrow, and so we just agreed Monday, and if he hits a snag he will email me!

Well, that clears me up for Sunday. Maybe I can drive over to Houston and get my camera from John's Sunday. I won't want to go Saturday if the weather is bad. Of course, I bet Sunday the traffic will be atrocious! I'll take driving in heavy traffic to bad weather.

While waiting all day for my roofer, still gullible in believing him when he sets a time, I worked some on a job, and admittedly, took a nap, piddled around, and worked some more.

There was a knock on my door; and of, course, I obviously assumed it was James, but it was a very dear friend of mine -- well, he's John's friend, but they were close and he was here a lot through schooldays and even the years after they graduated; and so, we were good friends, too. He's stayed in touch pretty well over the years, but in the last couple or so it had gotten pretty slack. So, it was a real surprise to see him and a joy to catch up on his life and hear about his family and common friends. So, if you happen to see this, Billy -- don't stay away so long next time!


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