Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I hate waiting!

5:00 p.m. Why can't people be dependable? Why do they lie and say they will be here at a certain time and know full well they have no intentions! Talk about a pet peeve - waiting, waiting, and no consideration to let me know. James said he would be out after lunch. Larry said he would be out this afternoon. No "maybes," no "If I feel like it," - they said, "I will be there..." So, I kept my word. I went to Lowe's this morning and bought three of those boxes of undercoating for the weatherproofing so James would have them when he was ready for them. Mom rode with me. I needed a few items from Walmart, right across the street, but it was already about 11:00 and by the time I took her home, just in case either of them came early, I didn't take the time do to a little shopping. We didn't get lunch, just took her home and came back and started waiting. Yes, I did work on a job, but you're always in that "waiting" frame of mind. Now it's after 5:00 and not a call, not nuthin!

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So, I bet I don't hear from either of them till next week. In fact, I bet Larry has no intentions of getting his self back over here, period. Guess there's no point in calling and listening to lame excuses.

5:55 P.M. : Well, James just showed up and delivered the rest of the materials. I told him that the next time he tells me "after lunch" that I will interpret that to mean around dinnertime. I think he got the message. He said he will be here Friday, around 1:30 (here we go again) and do the lumber portion of the back room and then Saturday the roofing part. He's horrible at gauging his time schedules, but I think now that I'm learning that about him, I think it will all be okay. But I still can't help but expect punctuality or at least consideration to make a phone call. It's just that so few people seem to know the meaning of those words anymore.

Well, anyway, hope you-all have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving tomorrow and a wonderful dinner. I think we will not do much, maybe even do like we did all those years ago -- get take-out, take it home, remember all the good things we really do have to be thankful for, and call it a day.

You probably have already seen this, or maybe even I sent it to you, but it seems too appropiate to not view one more time! Happy Thanksgiving!


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