Monday, November 28, 2005

Unbelievable - Roof work starts

My impression was that James would be out Tuesday to start on the roof. I did call Curtis Sr about my level problem, explaining how Larry had come out several times, what he did, what he charged, etc. I didn't say anything about the fiasco of the charges against Larry, but actually, Senior said something about a big list missing and that Larry had been their salesman and truck driver. But he didn't elaborate on it either, just said he had been gone a couple of weeks and would call Larry and would get back with me probably in the morning.

By then it was mid morning and I fixed myself some eggs as sort of brunch, and I thought I heard something in the back. I went to the back door and lo, there was James' truck in my back yard and his saw horses set up and he was already on my roof pulling up the plastic tarps. Wow! Terrific surprise.
I told him I had thought it would be a good idea to pull that plastic off and let the wood dry out good, and he said that was exactly why he was here.
He took a couple of measurements and then had to leave, but came back later.

After the plastic was removed, we could see the condition of the decking. It's not too bad. I almost made my bet of needing only one piece. But because of some measurements, there was one more piece we needed that would come out of the second piece. So, I guess I owe him a quarter on that. I climbed up the laddter to see for myself and, of course, took my camera with me.

He took a couple of shots for me, as well. (oops, that's me hugging the ladder!)

In the meantime, I had a really short depo to do and then went to Sutherland's to get three treated 2x6s that he was going to need, one 12 foot and two 8 foot, a 2x4, and three sizes of nails. They didn't have the 6 penny nails; and it took forever to get waited on to get the lumber I wanted. After I finally got it and was looking for help to load it in my van, there was a young lady there with long piece of lumber herself. So, we agreed to help each other. Men all over the place, store and parking lot, but let me tell you, chilvalry is dead!!

With that 12 foot board sticking out the back of my van, I had to drive home with the back hatch up. Thank goodness it wasn't far. When I got to the house James was already back and unloaded the lumber for me. Then I went back to M&D for the nails.

Back again; and since he had no helper with him, he needed help to hold the 2x6s up against the rafters to make a facer board. So, I had to stand on the ladder and hold the boards as he nailed them. Now, that's fine, except my legs aren't what they used to be and my agility is even less. So, I was a little nervous doing that. Plus, I had to go up one more step higher than I was comfortable doing, but I did it and it got done. I also assisted with marking the chalk lines and holding the plywood as he ripped it. Um, wonder if I get an assistant discount! ha. ha.

After he left, it was dark. I still had to get the roll of galvanized tin, which Sutherland's also didn't have. So, I called Home Depot and yes, they had it, only it was a roll of 50 feet, not 20 feet! How much? About $40. Well, okay. So, I have a whole lot left over! I rarely go out after dark, but I wanted to get this over with and went, found the tin, but wasn't sure if it was galvanized. Another hide and seek game of the hired help!

Then I remembered I will need a vent for my hot water heater. James had already said he needed 3 feet of 3 inch -- find help again -- walk up and down the store aisles -- kept seeing the same clerk, but he had said he sold applicances, didn't know about vents. But he decided to help me with his limited expertise and we chatted a bit about our problems with recovery.

Finally satisfied I had done as best as I could, I left, treated myself to Luther's Barbecue to take home with me and made one more stop at Petsmart for some cat food and headed home.

Well, I think, by golly, I am finally about to get my new roof! Weather says we're fine till Thursday, and then a 20% chance -- so fingers crossed!
Now, if I can get my level problem resolved, I'll be estatic.


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