Tuesday, November 29, 2005

oops - an apology is in order (blush)

If you have been reading this for a while and/or I told you about my battery-powered screwdriver and bit set that mysteriously came "missing" after some contractors came out to my house to bid on some sheetrock work, and I was convinced that they must have lifted it since it was nowhere to be found in my house - nowhere, I tell you - well, uh -- guess what!

It was safely tucked away in a box, a box that I had put back on the top shelf of my broom closet, the closet that was full of mildew when I came back from evacuation. Inside that box is pretty much nothing except a couple of cans of carpet fresh and a couple of other things. Well, since the closet is pretty much awaiting painting, I haven't moved things back in it, though I did set the box on the shelf to get it out of the way. So, I just never open that closet. In the meantime, I had read where you can make sort of potpourri from using little pebbles and carpet fresh and give a nice scent to your rooms. So, Susie Homemaker that I am, I decided to do just that, which, put me opening the closet, looking in the box - um, oh, gosh! Lookie here! OH, MY!

So, my apologies to those who I accused of stealing (never to their face, thank Goodness) and they will never read this. But the fact of the matter is, some people did; and honest Injun' that I am, I must set the record straight. Now, what possessed me to put the screwdriver and the bit set in that box is anybody's guess. But it is now safely recharging, alongside the one I bought to replace it! I'm glad at least I'm not yet showing any signs of getting old!


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