Friday, December 02, 2005

Not a good day -- again...

I try to stay upbeat. I try to be optimistic. I really do. Well, slam, bam, kick -- again today. I was just fixing to write James an email and say that he really needed to get the roof on this weekend as we will be getting some cold weather next week. Just as I started to compose it, he wrote saying the same, that he would be here about 10:00 a.m. to finish out the back room roof and then would come Saturday with help to get the house roof done.

Well - that's the last I heard from him and it's now about 5:35. No call. No email. Nothing. I left a message at 2:30 saying I was putting out an A.P.B. on him (trying to maintain a sense of humor) - and another one at 4:00 telling him that the plastic had blown off the Weatherguard.

I can't begin to express my frustration, anger, disappointment, rage, whatever else would seem appropriate. James presented himself as a company, Abba Construction, and did not indicate that he would be working only a couple hours a day, if he felt like it. He put in the contract approximate start date as 11/16 and approximate finish date as 11/19. Now, I don't mind working with him on unforeseen or even conflicting schedules, but this is just not professional, considerate, courteous, anything. There' s just no excuse for this!

This morning while still thinking I'm waiting on Mr. James Callas to decide to show up, I called Larry Layfield to beg him to come out today to get my level problem resolved. Surprise! His cell phone number is no longer working. So, I called Curtis Wright again at Wright Mobil Homes. An elderly lady answered the phone (his mother I've been told) and she took my number. He never called. So, I called back this afternoon. No, he never came in. What a surprise.

After I had waited till 12:00 for James, I decided to go over to Conn's and get my microwave; and run a couple of other errands. So, I left him a note I would be right back. I bought the cheapest GE they had for $69. But it will be just fine and serve its purpose. I get back home and no, he had not been here. I managed to carry the new microwave in the house and then I was so angry, my strength was sufficient to carry my old huge one out to my junk pile. Speaking of which, a couple of men stopped by my house in a pickup truck, knocked on my door and asked if they could have the aluminum in the pile. Sure can! Help yourself! Well, they took the sheets, but left the other pieces. Oh, well, it's dwindled down some anyway. I hope they can get some use out of it.

Somewhere along the way my cat Molly darted out the door. Now, this is NOT good! She is 12 years old. She has never been outside, by plan, anyway. And she is one of these cats that will find a hole to stay in and not show herself again for days if she so chooses. Catching her to pick her up is impossible. So far she's been hanging around the back patio area. She just might have to sleep out there tonight.

Now, if that isn't enough, I hear cats fighting in the front. I hurried outside, and it was Tommy protecting his yard from a neighborhood cat. They were rolling and clawing and fur flying. Tommy is over 12. I've had him that long and he was grown when I got him. He's not too spry anymore, at least it's hard for him to jump; but he does have a temper. There's no doubt about that. But I got them separated and got Tommy in the house. His little heart was beating fast. I tried to check him over, and he was wet around the neck, but seemed okay. So, I let him eat. And then the cut or cuts started bleeding around his head at his ear and there were several drops of blood. I tried to wash off his wounds with the intentions of putting antibiotic cream on them, but he said it's not going to happen, and I wound up putting the antibiotic cream and a Band-Aid on my own finger. So, he is now closed up in the bathroom with litter and food and water so at least blood won't drip all over the house. I checked on him, and his wound or wounds were coagulating. So, he won't bleed to death.

So, that's been my day. How was yours?

6:40 update:
An email from James - an apology with no excuses and saying he will be out tomorrow to finish the room and start on the house. He says he doesn't work on Sundays unless it's an emergency! I don't mean to be rude - but he doesn't work most other days either that I can tell. Well, I wrote him back, said to PLEASE let me know if he will be late or plans change because I did have things I needed to do today and it's just courtesy to let people know. Dare I be gullible to believe he'll be here early? Should I set the clock for 8:00 a.m.?? Ha! We'll see.

Then I checked on Tommy, and it looks like it's his ear that's cut, but it's coagulated nicely. He'll need to do some cleaning up of some blood on his hair, and he's sore. I tried to get some cream on it, and he backs off as soon as I came near his ear. He'll be okay in a day or two.

Then outside to see about Molly. She darted under the house, and I told her she would get cold but if that's what she wanted to do (like she understands me.) So, I came in the house to get some food to try to coax her, and I heard this weak little "meow" at my back door. There she was on the top step waiting to get in, like a sweet little angel. So, now she's in and bedding down.

So, that's it for me. It's time to eat a bowl of my pot of homemade chili I managed to fix today and watch Olbermann, hopefully uninterrupted.


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