Thursday, December 01, 2005

A standstill day...

Certainly there is no big rush on getting my repairs done. I'm not hurting. I have shelter and food and cable and Internet and all that. But all these undone things and no resolutions in sight are wearing on my patience and my nerves. I can't imagine what it's like for people who have really serious problems where they can't get in their homes or get the tree out of their living room. Families that have able-bodied males who can do their own work need to thank their lucky stars that they have people who can do some of this stuff and they don't have to be so bloomin' dependent on total strangers. This really sucks!

Of course Curtis or Larry didn't call or come by. Ha! Silly to think such a thing. Probably I should have called Larry, but I just wasn't in the mood to hear more excuses. Tomorrow I will.

James left last night saying he would be back around noonish. Well, at 1:30 -- wow, at least he did call -- he mumbled something about some excuse or another and that he would be much later in the day in case I wanted to go anywhere. Well, "much later" never came. I hope James will have my roof on by maybe NEXT Christmas! When I signed the contract with him, he didn't tell me he would be doing this in his spare time, and only if he felt like it when he had the spare time. He's a nice guy and seems well educated on all the trades and up-to-date on the new ways of doing things; and he seems to have the skill to do things properly. It's just getting him to do it!!

I wasn't even in the mood to go get a microwave. I did call Conn's thinking I might take it and get it repaired, but they looked it up and I didn't buy it there. Must have been Sears. Called them - yes, it was, in '95. They charge a diagnostic fee of $30 if you take it in. If I can get some help loading it in the car, I think I'll gamble the $30 that they can fix it. I did a search for the model on the web and can't find it. I'm wondering what would be comparable. I'll call Sears Service back and find out if the records say, at least maybe what I paid for it. Anyway, then I searched for "fixing microwaves" thinking maybe I could figure it out. Wise move! I found an article that says, "Microwave repair is NO do-it-yourself job" and informs you that people die trying, even when it's unplugged! Okay, I stand warned. You don't have to tell me again. I'm a coward.

Well, so much for today. Short of finishing up a depo, zero was accomplished this day -- well, maybe saving my life by learning not to try to fix the microwave was a bit of an achievement.

Tomorrow is another day, predicted maybe a light drizzling rain - um, sounds like a likely excuse not to work tomorrow!


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