Saturday, December 03, 2005

Back room roof finished -- sort of.

You would think James might have read my blog, but seeing nothing suspicious on the Site Meter, I guess he just decided to work today. Maybe it was my note telling him about being considerate, etc. Whatever. He got here shortly before 10:00 and just left at 6:30 and only took about a 30 minute lunch break. Bless your heart, James.

The room roof is finished. The reason I titled this "sort of" is because along the eaves, which is technically not the roof -- lol -- told you this guy was precise! -- so the eaves will come under the category of the siding work to be done. Geez! To me, if it's overhead, it's the stupid roof! But no, that's the facia and handled with the vinyl siding. So, that part still looks a little -- well, a lot -- ragged. The back side had a hole in it, and the side next to the patio will be covered - are you ready for this -- under the patio cover category of the work. The brace for the panels will fit up against that. Whatever!

He did get some of the tar paper he said on the bare plywood on the house part and put the blue tarp back up over that part. No need to cover the back room. I am a little concerned about rain coming in the ragged eaves, but he swears not, but said he will come out immediately if it leaks or the tarp blows off or something (if I can get ahold of him).

So, conceding to his point of view, I paid him the remainder of the cost for the room and the extra we agreed on for the decking and rafter repairs. The whole back room project, roof, carpentry, lumber, materials, cost me $900 - well, not counting covering the eaves with the vinyl siding! I'm not too sure how much the insurance allowed. I know they allowed $630 for the roof, but that also did not include some carpentry work and the siding work. So, I may not be too far off. I did choose to buy the extra WeatherLock G that added $130 to the cost. I think I did okay -- not terrific, but it's okay -- if it won't leak! He told me up front if I chose to use roll roofing, I would have to agree to hold him harmless because it's just not the most desirable material to use, which is why I opted to put a full layer of the WeatherLock under it. The WeatherLock has a 5 year warranty, but I haven't read exactly what it will cover yet.

Sunday and Monday will be rain, and soon after that we will be getting some cold weather. He said he'll be back out Tuesday if it's dry and sunny, even if it's cold, and do at least the back half of the house. If he can get help, he might can get it all done. So, I suppose if he holds to his word and comes -- (any icons for crossed fingers??) --- maybe I'll have my new roof by next weekend. Then on to the patio panels and the siding.

Tommy seems to still be favoring his ear a little bit, but it has scabbed over and he's been in and out and eating like normal. I didn't see the cat he tangled with at all today, but that doesn't really mean anything. I can't help but hope that Tommy got a good lick or two in himself and the intruder is having a bit of a wound to nurse himself. I mean, that cat knows this is Tommy's territory.


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