Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wow - a roof that doesn't leak!

Finally! It is raining as I speak and rained earlier today, a nice hard, ground soaking, patter on the windows, thunder and lightening rain -- and my room is dry! No pots, no covering the contents of the room with plastic! It's dry! James even called to check on how it was holding up in case he needed to put the tarp back up. That was nice! Before I get too estatic, though, the rain still comes in under the back door, but it hasn't been fixed yet. So, that was to be expected. I have it somewhat under control.

Between showers, I decided to see if I could figure out how to put the siding back on the house. Well, I got it up temporarily.

At least now I can see how it's done and what I'll have to buy. A few nails and a little tool called a unique name like a Vinyl Siding Remover Tool is all I need to make the final snap so they will stay in place. And of course, wash them. Obviously I was hoping I had all the pieces, but some blew off to God knows where. Then I got my skirting pieces and put them back up. I have the white piece that fell from up toward the top, but I'll have to get James to replace the 1x4 and stick that piece up. I really am not confident of myself on a ladder anymore.

What skirting pieces I have left will go on the north side, and I'll do that later, maybe tomorrow. I think it's all of it. But for some reason they are too long and will have to be shortened. I can't understand how that happened, unless that end of the house "sank" too! Well, I'm not going to put out another $750 to find out. I'll trim the suckers back.

I haven't looked on the insurance summary for the skirting and siding allowances, but I think I've saved a pretty fair amount of money by retrieving the pieces and doing most of them myself. They're not perfect. There's a small hole in one of the pieces of siding, and the skirts have holes. But those were from a yard man I used to use who went nuts with a Weedeater and whacked holes in them! But that's another story of the vulnerabilities of having others do stuff for you. It's so pathetic!

The rest of the day was quiet except for doing a short job. My intentions were to do some paperwork that's been mounting, and I just couldn't conjure up the courage to start. That's a must-do for tomorrow. Nobody will ever accuse me of being a perfectionist when it comes to paperwork! So, instead of being dutiful, I tried despirately to take a nap, but sadly, I never could really fall off to sleep. I hate it when that happens.


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