Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The day isn't great so far...

Have you ever noticed that if you start the day off in a bad mood, it seems to be downhill the rest of the day. At least that's how it is for me. So, I at least give it effort to face a new day with optimism that it will be hopefully at best a decent day. The roofer is scheduled to start on my house roof today, a long-awaited for event!

Expecting he will be here in the 10:00 o'clock range, I decided to go earlier than that to pay my rent as I had forgotten to set it up on electronic transfer and today is the last day before late charges. Not to mention that I paid an extra month years ago to avoid this problem, but Parigi Investment bookkeeping can't manage to handle that scenario; so they will still say, "You're late! Pay $40 late fee." Then they have to go back and trace every month for how many years before they find I made two payments in one month. Well, I digress.

They renew my lease every year in December, and I have to call them and tell them, yes, I want to renew it, I want to renew it for a whole year, no, not 6 months -- and then they will prepare the lease for signing, usually about 2 weeks later. So, yesterday I called, put a message on the voice mail that I wanted it renewed. While there dropping off my check, "Did you get my message to renew?" So, she starts looking, asks another girl, did she get the message, she stammers and starts rummaging through papers -- getting tired of waiting, I said, "Well, if you didn't get the message, do you have it now that I want to renew?" Geez.

Now, this will be hard to explain in writing, so to shorten a lengthy description, McDonald's is on the freeway one block before the turn to Parigi's. Because of one-ways, you can't do this simply. The whole process of getting to McDonald's from Parigi's was worse than a rat in a maze. Almost everytime I go anywhere in Beaumont, the road layouts make me wonder if the engineers who designs the street layouts are on drugs or just what is their problem. Used to be, our streets were pretty much square blocks, and common sense to go around a block would get you there. Not anymore. Trying to give directions to a stranger would be impossible. "It's like well, it's in this general direction. If you have to use a parking lot to drive through, then do it."

Having my taste buds set on the delux breakfast, I chose to navigate back to McDonald's. There's probably six or so pickup trucks in line at the drive-through, and the parking lot is full of -- pickup trucks! E-gads. Okay. I wait in line. All that maneuvering around to get here, I'll wait. Thankfully the line moved quickly. I noticed as I came out even more hodge-podge of the street layout that I had to shake my head.

As I headed back home, I passed IHOP. Parking lot FULL of -- yes, pickup trucks. I was waiting for a light and beside me was -- yes, a pickup truck. This one had a sticker "Army of one" and then it had a little boy peeing on something. What is it? I inched up a little closer to see, and it was a map of Iraq. What a redneck! I hate rednecks! Then I pass Sutherland's and M&D Hardware and Lumber - more pickup trucks! The contractors are out in swarms! It's unbelieveable! Before I even left the house, Mom said her roofers were there, sharply at 8:00 a.m. to get started on her roof. Home Depot is doing her roof. They sent four workers, albeit, none of them speak English.

Well, it is now 11:40 and where is my roofer who is supposed to be here today? Every other contractor in the city was out and about early! Did I call? Yes. His answering machine tries to make it sound like he's some big company, "enter the extension" -- please! Called another number I have for him -- no answer. Grrrr....

So, I'm not happy. I'm not in a good mood. I'm trying to not let it get to me, so I'm currently "venting" on my blog. I don't think it's helping.

The blog server seemed to be down yesterday so I didn't make my daily log. But suffice it to say, it was basically uneventful with a couple of exceptions. The weather was nice, rain is predicted Wednesday and Thursday, so I emailed James to see if he would come out Monday and Tuesday to get my roof done before the rain starts again. No, he had computer work and real estate work to do. Whatever.

I called Curtis Wright, Wright's Mobil Home in Vidor -- again, talked to the "mom." She informs me Larry Layfield didn't work for them anymore. "I know that! I don't care. I want my house level."
"Maybe Curtis will call later." I waited a little bit.

I called back. "Forget it," I said. "My back room roof is on. The joint is now covered with tin and roofing materials. If they level it now it will bend all that up. It's just too late." So, I've decided not going to worry about that anymore. Another job screwed up that I'll just have to live with.

Since that decision was made, I called San Jacinto Glass to come fix two broken windows. I had wanted to be level before I had glass put in, but so be it. Also I'm having them cut me a 1/4" glass for my desktop I made. They charge $65 a windowpane and $100 for my tabletop glass. I think insurance allowed $30 a window. But whatever. They will be here probably Thursday. To have the glass delivered without the windowpanes replaced would have been another $80, but because they'll fix a couple windowpanes, they will bring the glass for an extra $20. That is worth it because the glass will be 80 3/4 x 30 3/4 inches; and I was scared to take a chance hauling it home in my van and then trying to get it in the house.

Next for my office will be to wash the ceiling and closet with clorox, and paint. The floors in that room are laminated wood flooring. With all the jacking around on the level of the house, they have come unbutted up next to each other on the ends. So I have to now take off the baseboards and try to knock them back up to a nice tight fit. Needless to say, I'll probably have to buy new baseboards. Moving back into my office will be really nice, as the location I'm using now is really uncomfortable and not functional.

Well, it's now noon. James Callas is still not here! And no, he hasn't called to say when he thinks he might decide show up.

UPDATE: 5:55 P.M. -- Still no phone call, no email, no show! I left a message for him at 1:30 letting him know I was annoyed, that I had to leave and that he could work on the roof without me being here if he decided to come. I went to Home Depot and looked for the tool for the siding. Obviously they didn't have it and had never heard of it. Then I went to my mom's and saw how they were progressing on her roof. She got hers today!
Back home now, and no sign of James. I wonder if he plans on skipping town on my 1/2 payment on my roof! His ladder and sawhorses are here. I'll hold them ransom!

Rain tomorrow and Thursday. I have a good mind to call a contractor who did work for me a few years ago and ask him how much he would charge to put the roof on since I have all the materials here and he wouldn't have to go pick up any. I will keep this option in mind! I'll give this till Monday. If he will do it for less than the 1/2 I still owe James, then I'll do it! Even if James does finish the roof now - ha, I mean start the roof and finish it -- I have decided I will tell him I do not want him doing the other jobs I had for him to do. He's too unreliable and not considerate enough to even call me and tell me anything. My nerves and patience won't hold out for these other projects -- i.e., the patio cover, siding pieces, and front porch.

He had promised me he would make me some steps on my porch for free if I would get the materials. I will try to hold him to that promise, but I certainly won't hold my breath. I am really fed up with this. There is no excuse for at least not calling! He has my home and cell number. He has never given me his cell number. And I have a strong hunch he sees my I.D. and does not answer - but of course, that's speculation on my part. However, when I called earlier today, at first the phone was busy. I called back a few minutes later and still busy, then when I called a 3rd time, I got the stupid answering machine. Sound suspicious to you?


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