Sunday, December 11, 2005

Boring Sunday

As to be expected, I waited around for James and/or his guys to come work on the roof. And, as to be expected, nobody showed up. I sent an email to James asking him about a 3D Architecture software about 9:00, and he answered it around 11:30, adding that he would not be coming today, that he would be here Monday with three guys and was preparing to finish it all up Monday! HA! HA! Well, that's fine. The weather is okay, just a bit breezy. A few of the torn up shingles that are all over the roof blew to the ground, but nothing catastrophic.

I decided to fix my floor in my office. It has the laminate flooring that I had put down last year, and after all the movements of the house from trying to level it and Hurricane Rita rocking the house around, some of the joints weren't butted up right and had some unsightly gaps. So, I moved the office furniture over to the daybed side, took off the molding around the floor, and took my trusty crowbar and shoved the boards back together. I tried to cut some fraction of an inch shims to fill in the spaces between the wall and the end of the boards so they won't shift again. Some I could get and some I just couldn't get to work. So I put the molding back; put the furniture back, and then moved the daybed to the office side and repeated the process. The floor does look much better without those awful gaps.

While I was at it, I took the blinds down and washed them and windexed the windows. I tried cutting some molding to fit around a window that needed it, but I just cannot cut nice smooth edges. I got two pieces up, the long sides of the window, and didn't do the top and bottom parts. I gave up! It's so amaturish looking! I need lessons on trim work!! Thank goodness the blinds cover it!

My intentions were to also paint the closet and touch up the ceiling in the back room, which is now my work room. I thought I still had white enamel paint left from when I did painting last year, but evidently I don't. So much for that project. I didn't feel like fighting the contractors and everybody else at the hardware store to get paint; so, I quit for the day. I should have gotten more accomplished today, but I just didn't feel like doing anything else.

I did call to tell my little granddaughter happy birthday, and she was all bubbly, had been enjoying the day and still had fun activities she would be doing. She did get to have her sleep-over she wanted and said that it was a lot of fun. I'm so glad she had a good day! May all her days always be as happy!


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