Thursday, December 08, 2005

Progress today - zero

Nothing scheduled today except for maybe the glass; so I called them to see if they would be coming out. No, will be tomorrow, she said. Great. I'm outta here. Cabin fever is getting pretty bad.

Today is my mom and dad's anniversary. If Daddy were still living (he passed in 2000) they would be celebrating 60 years. So, I know this will sound depressing to some of you, but Mom and I took some poinsettas out to the cemetery. They weren't easy to find, surprisingly. We had to go to three different places before we could find some. Of course we bought for my grandparents, too, my mom's parents. Today was also the anniversary date of Grandma's burial. She's been gone since 1977, but she's still very much with us. We joke that we have more family "reunion" out at Forest Lawn than we do in real life! Well, anyway, the cemetery has done a good job of cleaning up all the fallen trees and have things looking nice and in order now, much better than we were out there before. I sure can't say that for the city! We didn't see one truck on the streets working at picking up anything anywhere!

We also had lunch; and since we were going to Michael's Craft store, I took a drawing print to their frame shop because the water damage from the hurricane had made the paper begin to get wavy and I wanted to get it dry mounted and the mat replaced. The mat was gray, but I changed it to black, hoping it will make it stand out more. The frame is also, gray, so I may wind up having to do something to darken the frame. We shall see.

I just looked to see if I had a photo of it to show you; but I don't, which surprises me. Well, it's a drawing of an Indian warrior, about 25x30. I actually bought it for myself about 12 years ago on my own birthday - lol. Something about it screamed "buy me" and I still like it. So, I guess it's worth it to save it. It won't be ready till Dec 23rd! Whatever.

The guy from Parigi's came back and only half covered up my water line. There wasn't enough dirt to fill the hole and with a light freeze coming, I had to do something. So, I used some potting soil, then covered the pipes with some old towels and put a plastic bag over that. All I need is that line to freeze!

James sent me an email tonight -- woo-hooo! -- saying -- are you ready for this -- he thinks maybe Friday will be too cold and he will be coming Saturday! He said I didn't have to be home for him to work on the roof. I wrote him back and said, "I will make it a point to be home! I don't want to miss a minute of it! I'm beginning to think I will never get my roof put on!"
Think he'll get the message? No. What a silly thought.
For some reason, this cartoon reminded me of -- guess who!

These two cracked me up, too! Umm, wonder if there's a little bit of hostility beginning to evidence itself in my "sense of humor"! lol

Ho, ho, ho, folks! Merry Christmas! :)


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