Friday, December 09, 2005

Another nothing day - oops- Update: Good news!!

An email from James saying basically, "Ah, it's too cold. Will be out Saturday! " Unbelieveable!

San Jacinto Glass had said they would be out today, would call before they came. I called early afternoon. Well???
"Well," she says, "I'll call them on the truck and call you RIGHT BACK!" Liar.

So, I called about three hours later. A man answered: "No, they're still on a job they've been on. They won't get to you today."

"I was told you would be here today. I've been waiting all day."

"So, do you want to reschedule? It will be the middle of next week."

"Of course I have to reschedule. When?"


"Wednesday? I was scheduled for Thursday and then you said Friday. Now It's Wednesday?"

"Look, we have had people waiting for us since October."

"Fine! Will you be here Wednesday?"


Um, all it would have taken was tell me Wednesday in the first place! Don't talk down to me like I'm some kind of moron because I expected you to be here when you said you would! Well, maybe I am the moron for believing these people!

On the local news tonight they made the announcement that people who needed to get trash picked up better have it all out by the end of the month because they will stop picking it up after January 2 (I think they said the 2nd.) What nerve!!! They haven't BEEN picking up trash! And they threaten the poor folks! There's trash everywhere, every street! Not only trees, but household items, like couches and mattresses and all kinds of stuff. How dare they act like the people are being lazy about getting their trash out, like they are all caught up and might have to make another round! What arrogance! I don't know who the City contracted to do all this; but it also seems like maybe the City could be picking up some of these piles laying everywhere. (I found the article in the TV News webpage, and it's apparently the Army Corps of Engineers! - link above)

Here's a real kicker for this city. They won't clean anything up. They've got road construction everywhere, rarely finishing anything. And now they're talking about redoing the River Front Park - which was a pathetic attempt to help revive a dead downtown. I mean, you can't get to the park without having to park your vehicle in the Civic Center parking lot and walking over to it, crossing over the railroad track. And all that's there is basically some picnic tables and the Neches River. Now they're thinking about even tearing down the Civic Center, which was built -- I don't know when but I was an adult, so it's not that old -- and who knows what else, and doing something else with the whole thing! What a waste! Please, City, fix what we have. Clean up what we have! I don't think I have the stomach to start following City politics and planning right now.

I'm trying to think of something happy to end my entry on, but I can't think of anything cheery - well, I'm toasty warm, had a full meal, and have my Internet; me and my loved ones and my kitties are all healthy and we all love each other. The weather won't be freezing tonight, and my water line didn't break. Now I feel better. :)

It is now 7:53 and I just got the following email:
3 of us today stocked one half of the roof for roof work tomorrow at 9 am............4 man crew....(myself included)..............hold Tommy in or let him run some tonight........the back will be torn off first and a trailer will be in the front yard for haul off.

Late this afternoon I noticed that the stack of roofing materials seemed to be "tampered" with because the box of roofing tins was no longer on the stack but on the ground and the rope that had tied down the blue tarp was loose. So I wrote to James and said I was concerned that somebody had gotten into it. Thus, this was the response! Wow! He was out here and didn't tell me! How did I miss it!

In last night's email when I told him I didn't want to miss a moment of roofing, I also joked a bit, and said "Will bribery help?" and sent him a bunch of really cutsie little animal pictures that are going around in emails. So, I just answered him back and said, "Bribery works!!"

Woooppiiii!! I'm getting a roof!


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