Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday - back to work...

Well, not work - work - no depos to do. It's starting to get a little scary that work is so slow. We've had droughts before, and it always picks up. So, I'm not too worried. It's just getting my attention a little bit.

But by "work" I mean my roof! Well, it wasn't four men, it was only two. And he didn't get here at 9:00, but after 10:00. Eventually one other guy showed up and they worked till after dark. They came very close to finishing the back side of the house. The lighter color looks really good! I'm glad I didn't get black again. It doesn't show up here; but I'll post it when it's all done. That bent up aluminum is part of the patio and will be fixed during that stage of repairs. Anyway, tomorrow, depending on his help, will be basically finishing up the back and cleaning up all the shingles. I don't know if he'll chance taking off the front shingles because there is some rain coming Wednesday. I'm afraid it will be several days of unacceptable weather after Wednesday.

The whole day I played catch-up on my paperwork. I had changed my address to Houston with the bank while I was evacuated and forgot to change it back; so I didn't get the last two bank statements. I've been writing checks, paying bills, making deposits -- and not posting anything to my Quicken account, which by now is almost three months behind in posting! Yuk! I love the Internet! I was able to get my statements printed and did call the bank to change my address back. Now I'm all caught up -- well, except I want to get some order to these expenditures so that I will stay within the insurance guidelines in the settlement. Bookkeeping is definitely not my favorite passtime!

I've been thinking about that shed. I have two already; and I really don't have a need for it. It's one of those things where if something is free, you hate to turn it down. But it needs some work and I don't have a place to put it other than where it is, and it's an eye-sore. A little TLC and it would make a really nice little greenhouse, but I'm not into plants that much. So, if James wants it, maybe I'll go ahead and accept it and then barter it away. That's just a thought. Then again, I might just tell them I don't want it at all. Big decision.

Last night I did something I haven't done in a while and that's catalog order from the J.C. Penney catalog! My bedroom needs some freshening up with new fabrics and maybe some paint. My carpet doesn't look good anymore. So, you know, you get the catalog out and start looking at the pictures and imagining things in your own house and deciding if you like this or hate that.

This set caught my eye over the rest; but it was a bit higher than I wanted to pay. The bedspread (full) is $125. I looked on line to see if they had any sales; and lo and behold, this set was on a weekend sale! The bedspread was marked down to $79.95, and all the other items in the collection, as well. So, I made my selections; but for some reason the tally said "item: 79.95 - price 99.99"

I decided to call the 1-800 and the girl gave me the 99.99 price; but I told her about the $79.95. So, she did something or other and let me have that price. So, between the curtain, shams, bedspread, and pillow forms, I saved about $150 and they will be shipped to my house in a few days!

Tomorrow I'll look at some laminated flooring to put down. I have developed a dislike for carpet because with animals in the house, it just doesn't seem to be as clean as something not fabric. Besides, I like the hardwood floor look. Maybe I'll look at lamps, too; but I'll probably wait on those till I see the effects in the room. Looks like my bedroom will be my next project -- well, that is after I paint the closet and touch up the water spots on the back room ceiling. So, I'll pick up a gallon of white paint tomorrow, as well. Hope - I hope - I hope - when I get back James will be making substantial progress with the roof!


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