Thursday, December 15, 2005

Demolition Derby

At least that's what it felt like! My bedroom is now destroyed, and I sure hope I can put it back together again.

As much as I complain about strength in my legs, which really is not good, I was still able to do some pretty heavy work. I had to move books off the bookshelves, and then the bookshelves, carry a drawer at a time into another room, pull the mattress and box springs off and out, take the bed apart, empty the closet floor and move those items, move out the suitcase and box of Star Trek tapes that were under the bed and put them elsewhere. My bed is now in the hall; drawers, end tables, lamps are in the middle bedroom, bookcase is in my office, as are my pillows and my beloved electric blanket are now on my daybed. I opted to leave the chest of drawers, dresser, table and TV in the room and will move them from side to side as necessary. But I did it, and I did it all by myself! Well, I did rest quite a bit, but I did it!

Next came the carpet. With my little red box cutter, I made the first slit in my carpet. Well, it's thick and doesn't cut too easy. This will take some work. But I got a section cut out of it, then another, then it was time to move the dresser. Oh, dear, it's heavy! And it doesn't slide on the carpet. But I managed. I got the carpet and padding all up, and drug it out to the front porch. James had got here about 1:30 to work on the roof, so I asked him if I could put it in the trailer that he's putting the roofing in. Yes, he said I could, but keep it to the front. So, I managed to drag it all and get it loaded! Success! Poor Lucy, another of my little kitties, loves to nap on my bed. So, she was quite disconcerted that it was no longer there.

Before I started on the bedroom, I did put my things back in my broom closet. This is what it looked like when I got home October 15 from evacuation and how it looks now.

The insurance had allotted $480 for that closet and I did it with a little elbow grease and a gallon of paint, and a whole lot less headache not having to deal with contractors. I'll keep an eye out for the mildew to reappear, but it had been cleaned for a while and was still looking fine. So, I really think it will be okay, especially since I'm getting the sources of moisture fixed.

San Jacinto Glass never showed up. I called this morning, and the girl said yes, they would be here today, but it would be this afternoon. Well, no, it wasn't!

My worries about my job are over. I got in two depos this afternoon -- just as I had really gotten started on tearing my room apart, no less. One is quite lengthy and will keep me busy for a while. So, I'll have to schedule my time now.

The next stage for my room will be to remove the tacking strips and staples and clean the ceiling before I start on the flooring. This is a huge undertaking. I hope I can do it! There's no going back now.


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