Friday, December 16, 2005

Back door shouldn't leak now...

Why didn't I think of this before! See, what happens is the top step is the same height as the floor. So, when it rains, the water runs under the door. Since they are the same height, a regular threshhold isn't working. As long as I had my patio cover, it was never a problem. Now it has been a huge problem! The door is ruining, and the water runs into the washroom, into the kitchen, and even beginning to get under my wood floors in my office. So, it's serious. But I can't get anybody to fix it. I was told to get a door sweep type threshold, which I did, and couldn't figure out how to put it on. But James said it was totally the wrong thing. But he seems to want to keep it a secret what kind I do need. So, after stuffing rubber strips, plastic bags, and everything else under the door and it not working, I did this. Will things ever be the same again??? No, I don't think so.

I had moved quite a bit of my bedroom furnishings into the middle room, and had closed the door. That door has a regular external doorknob on it from days when John was still home and wanted his door locked with a key. One of those ongoing sibling feuds at the time. Well, I have gotten in the habit of locking my external doors when I go out; so -- do you see it coming -- yes, I locked the door on my way out. After a frantic search for my keys, which I had laid on the table but was searching feverishly on the desk and in my purse and everywhere but the table -- I found them; but none of the keys worked. OH, I know! It was on the set of keys I lost awhile back.

See, one time coming back from Houston -- a short digression to tell this story -- Mom and I had stopped at the Bird Sanctuary at Wallisville because I wanted to take pictures there. I was adjusting the camera to do a panorama of the scene across the swamp, leaning on the banister, and plop, there went my keys! Oops!! All I could think of was how glad I was it wasn't my camera! I've often wondered if the allegator got heartburn from them! Needless to say, we were locked out of the van, but we did get ahold of Geico who sent a wrecker and pryed the door open where my purse that contained a spare set was locked safely inside. On that ring was the only key to that room.

Well, anyway, with no key I had to figure out how to get the door open. So, the idea came to me to pry off the door jamb strip and then use a credit card to pry the plunger out of the hole. Ah, I did it! Houdini, eat your heart out! Thankfully the strip of wood wasn't glued, so it was easy enough to put back and basically no harm done.
But speaking of doors, I've noticed a couple of my interior doors don't close like they did. So, now I'm worried I have settled again. Well, at least I did get some concrete blocks under the house. That's about all I can say for that $750 expenditure!

A while ago I thought I should pull up some tacking strips; but I'm just too tired today. It's somewhat hard to get them up, but I did do a few feet, but not much. Other than some laundry and working on a depo, that was the extent of my day. I called Penney's to check on my order of the bedspead and curtains for my room, and they said it's en route - will be here the 19th. Wish I could think I would be ready for them in three days, but that's sheer fantasy.
I did not even bother to call San Jacinto Glass. They would tell me yes, they were coming; and no, they wouldn't -- didn't. No show again today! What a silly idea that they would come fix my windows. They were supposed to be here Thursday last week. Now it will be well into next week. Anyway, James' utility trailer is still under the window, so they might not would have done it anyway.
James sent an email saying "maybe later in the day" so I knew what that meant. I didn't even argue with him. It was cold today - maybe 45 I guess all day, but still cold. I've just about resigned myself that maybe I should put some Christmas lights out on his trailer in my front yard because it will still be here long after Christmas. Any bets?

Oh, I did achieve one other thing! If you will scroll down to the end of my blog, you will see a Weather Underground weather report. It was a challenge figuring out how to get it there, but through trial and error, success - I did it!

I also noticed that Megadump has put a link to Lumoto's Woes on his web page! Wow, I'm very flattered. Thank you, Mr. Sluggo! And if you'll look to My Favorite Blogs and Forums, I have added his link to mine. He has a very cool site; so check it out.


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