Sunday, December 18, 2005

Roof advancements today - yea!

What do you know! Without begging or threatening or even asking, James showed up early this afternoon and put in a few good hours of labor on my roof. I had resigned myself to the fact that he doesn't work on Sundays; so I was really pleasantly surprised! I asked him if that was Santa I heard on my roof!

As much as he has driven me slap dab crazy over his timing and delays and total lack of punctuality, I am glad I didn't make a big stink to him about it. We never know what is going on in other people's lives, and he is trying to do my roof properly and, good or bad, will not rush himself through it to get it done. I'm convinced he is honorable in his workmanship and dependable -- well, maybe that's not exactly the right word -- trustworthy -- I have confidence that he will eventually get it done, and it will be done right. So, I've decided, and told him, I do want him to do all my outside work. He wins on the time table, though I will certainly try to coax things along. Really the rest isn't that time consuming as the roof has been. And the earth won't come to an end if it isn't done before summer -- yee-gads!! (gasp and deep breath exhaled!) Hearing what some people are dealing with on their contractors, my problems are minor.

We discussed getting the material needed to finish the facia, and I told him he was the carpenter, I did not know what to buy. He was thinking of some certain material that I would have to buy way more than I needed; but with the shortages on all building materials now, I told him just get something.

I did make some good headway on my depo today, tried to be dilligent to stick with it. However, I did get my screwdriver and go take off that panel in the bedroom that is behind the plumbing to the bathroom. When the paneling was put up, I had them make an easy access to the plumbing so in case of, as it turns out, today -- it could be gotten to without tearing up the entire wall. On the ceiling is the black mold/mildrew (I don't know one from the other.) And the bathroom side is pretty bad, as well. So, I knew it had to be something lurking behind that wall. Well, here it is. Looks pretty bad --- but not too bad. This will clean up. It's not any different than what was in the closet I just did. I did get James to look at it, and he agrees it's not that bad. And to think that restoration company was going to charge me $7,000 to tear all this out!

There is enough of it on the ceiling though, (over the window not shown in the photo) that I think washing it will proably mess up the stipling ; so, I've pretty well resigned myself to the fact I will be painting the whole ceiling, but I'm leaning toward not repainting it white, but some cream color. When time permits, I'll get some paint samples to match to the fabrics which should be here tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, so should San Jacinto Glass be here to fix my windows and bring my desktop glass! They're bound to come sooner or later. Also James said he would be back tomorrow, hoping his helper will come also; and he can get totqally finished. He said he is 3/4 finished with the shingles. He still needs to do two vents and redo the hot water vent. It's too dark outside now to go out and see the top of the house to see how it's looking.

All this is great except I need to run some errands and everything is happening at once. I hope my package from J.C. Penney will come early and San Jacinto will be here early so I can get my errands done, then work on my job, and if any time and energy is left, start scrubbing walls and ceilings! I'm getting excited to get it put it together.


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